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finally #inktober day 1 finished: "sci-fi robot of your choice"

it's mavica as weebo from flubber!

this is the most detail i've ever inked and i do not understand how real artists to it orz

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I’ll repeat this every time something Tweetdeck related but keep this in mind: TD is a very small team at Twitter and so it’s not uncommon that shit breaks. Something very similar happened a few months ago. That’s just how it is.

If anyone has any ideas why re-activates itself seemingly at random when you have a Google account connected, that'd be great.

Damnit Grammarly is very nice but I wish it could export documents as /anything/ that is not a .docx.

I really shouldn't need to copy/paste into Paper to get a non MS Office format..

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Wrote a bit about's future/current situation. It's a first draft but it's better than nothing πŸ˜ͺ

Mutuals, DM if you want to proof-read it so I don't sound like an idiot.

additionally however, do take note that nobody should take this as a thing to dissuade from learning _how_ computers work despite being magic. witches follow recipes, too.

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computers can be magic and you can be a wizard for programming them if you want to be, pass it on

Is there anywhere to post a semi long post of text that isn't Medium? I kinda need to write something semi-long about Better TweetDeck and I don't want to do a 40-tweets thread because that's exhausting to write lol

Something like Twitlonger but not ugly as fuck

re: nazis trying to invade the fediverse by being cutesy, gay slurs, defense of RMS, ancaps, etc 

i saw some people falling for this and like, you need to be a bit more careful about checking who's who, i know it'd be nice to trust everyone on the fediverse, but...

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nazis trying to invade the fediverse by being cutesy, gay slurs, defense of RMS, ancaps, etc 


people are always coming up with theories about the big war that is obliquely referenced in the pokemon games, but rarely do they mention the cubone missile crisis

Although it feels like the game doesn't have any menus? Like, I had to somehow force quit the game to quit..

Maybe it's a weird compatibility issue with the Rift on SteamVR or something 🀷

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Finally caved in and gave Superhot VR a try.

A try that lasted 2 and a half hour without me realizing it, so I guess it's not a bad game.

@tootapp hey! Is there any plan to be able to play videos inline (aka without opening a web view)?

Love to be so tired that I am lying in bed.

At 8pm, on a Friday. I feel like my grandma on my father’s side who would do this 😭

I am not very clever at the goose game, but I’m having a lot of fun honking at people so there’s that

I would do a PR in Mastodon to basically do that but do I really want to have PostgreSQL, Redis and Ruby set up to write some React code?


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Every other day I remember that Mastodon's UI don't let you click on someone's profile picture on their profile to have a bigger view (like TweetDeck) does and I'm upset

Reddit using post titles as email subjects is both hilarious and dumb I love it

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