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The main issue is that doing visual art is busted for me because the only software I’m fluent in (Photoshop) runs like crap nowadays when it was basically perfect before Adobe decided we need to pay them a subscription.

As much as I like doing programming stuff, sometimes I miss doing purely artistic stuff.
Like, programming side projects are great but they need maintaining and to be somewhat useful. At least art can stand up on its own. I think I want to do some art again, somehow.

Please stop fucking sharing that "white people learning Spanish is cultural appropriation" image it's very clearly either an out of context troll or a fake flag so people feel justified to crap on the concept of cultural appropriation and you're all fucking falling into it

What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

steven universe movie 

Yes, iTunes, those two songs in the same album should definitely have a different cover because that's definitely how things work.

Nevermind, it totally did.

Apple, the company who invented iTunes and basically popularized music stores still don't know how to match music without messing shit up.

Good thing I have a backup of my library, *sigh*

Staring nervously at this while I wonder if iCloud Music Library will butcher all the album artworks of my library 😰

Maybe I'm reaching the point where Instagram doesn't cut it to post pictures anymore and I need to use something else....but it's so easy and it's where people are...


It's been 0 days since I've been mad at the fact that you can't have multiple images with different ratios in an Instagram post without butchering some of them because Instagram wants to normalize the ratio of all the content è_é

Fediverse surveillance project (r000t) 


I want to get Fire Emblem Three Houses so I can finally understand all the memes and jokes I see about it but I also know that I realistically will never finish it because I suck at finishing games 🙈

The number of times I tried ordering /anything/ at a (loud) bar and had to change my order because i just couldn't pronounce it properly AND be loud enough to be understood :')

SmarterEveryday did a video about the Oscilloscope Music thing and it's dope to see how it's done

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