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It was definitely Something to see the Sonic trailer just before this movie lmao

The Detective Pikachu movie was so good. The plot was predictable af but my GOSH the Pokémon look good and the world they built is nuts.

The whole theater audibly groaned when the Sonic trailer started and honestly: mood

Of course the theater is showing an ad for Pokémon Let's Go 😅

Are there git hooks that are triggered when you switch branches? Because I could really use a git hook that automatically runs yarn/npm when the lockfile differs from a branch to another.

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lmao, another user (a mod of the server): "I wish people would stop getting so offended about everything" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Ah yes, love to open the random channel of a programming Discord server and see someone talk about "P/C culture" and shit 🙄

It's one of those nights where I open all the emails of Bandcamp releases I missed in my browser and go through all of them. I'm so screwed

I bought Discovery on vinyl and the lyrics of Harder Better Faster Stronger are formatted like a meme tweet I'm dying

You ever think about the time Niles Rodger, Pharrel Williams, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk performed at the Grammys?

As if I would go to Disneyland without grabbing some pins

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But I guess Disney gotta need to remind people about Avatar to justify the Pandora land stuff in Disneyworld 🤔

I know it's a take that has been repeated endlessly but Avatar is really the example of a movie that worked because it was the first on a tech and that's it. I can't see 3D in theaters so half of its redeeming qualities got washed away 😑

I'm still not over the fact that:
1) the Avatar sequels are still happening
2) there are going to be FOUR of them

I still don't understand how to make one interesting but ok.

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