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What it means when I fav stuff: 

For posterity, here's DuckTales running on jsnes (, controlled by a TAS movie, in Chrome, mostly in sync until it's very much not

I'm in a state where the whole thing doesn't desync after like 40frames but eventually desyncs because of what I assume is a mix of emulator accuracy differences and timing issues.

Maybe I'd need to actually run FCEUX to play FCEUX movies, wild. 😪

I still have to better sync the inputs because clearly a TAS isn't supposed to let Scrooge die constantly but it's already better than yesterday.

Progress! Turns out that pressing buttons only when sprites are visible helps! 😅 (thanksfully jsnes exposes the PPU/CPU states so that's convenient)

Who would have thought that TASbot/FCEUX maybe do a bit more than just pressing buttons at 60 frames a second 😬😅

(No but really if someone has resources about how FCEUX/TASBot play TAS movie files in sync, I’m curious cause I’m stumped)

Anyway, gotta sleep now 😴

Me: “I’ll code a NES tool assisted speed run movie player in JS, should be easy, right?”
*2h later*
“Alright I got the ROM loading + emulator working, triggering inputs should be simple”
*watches the first input being successful and then everything being out of sync*
Huh 😑

This is like the most Captain America thing he could do (I don't mean that in a good way 🙄)


Actor is creating a website where you can hear both sides of a political issue in a succinct, digestible way. In a video obtained by CNN, the actor best known as asks members of Congress from both parties to join him:

Is it me or Masto's Frontend doesn't show what client a given toot has been posted with anymore?? I swear I used to see this before 🤔

YouTube c'est un bordel pas permis mais Crossed reste et continue d'être *le* truc que je re-re-re-re-re-regarde sans me lasser, même si je connais les épisodes par coeur à force.

My kingdom for a Mac app that allows me to see new Bandcamp releases, listen to them and buy them without leaving anything.

Days since I think to myself I could really work on that Mastodon FE client project but also realize I don't have time to go into such a project: 0

Masto's FE really could use a way to hide bots from the Federated Timeline >_>

Just received my custom V3 with Cherry MX Silent Red and custom keycaps made to look like the ones on the MacBook Pro (minus the butterfly mechanism 😝) 🤓🎉

.. can you disable the toot animation in @tootapp ? It gets very distracting very quickly :/ I didn’t find anything in the settings

Dear Rebecca Sugar,

Per my last email, you still have not responded to my request, and I'm afraid I'm beginning to lose my patience.

The rest of the team and I are wondering when we'll see Lion get a gun.

Let me know!


MCU spoilers 

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