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Brooklyn 99 / last episode spoilers 

Also I noticed that the soundtrack I had for Pokémon Silver was missing all the Kanto re-arrangments and I'm baffled that I missed that when I downloaded it

I fucking love ffshrine because I can always find some hardcore nerds who recorded GB soundtracks off the actual hardware and it's always so good.

Me: "Timer on 35 minutes"

Siri: *Parses 30....35minutes!*

Me: !!

Siri: *sets a timer for 55 minutes instead*

Me: 🤬

Using Siri in English as a non-native speaker is having to re-do your queries 2 times because you can't get quite the accent that Siri is made to understand.

It's very fun for timers I tell ya.

Alright, I'm up-to-date on JoJo and I want anime to watch.

What other shows are good currently/this season?

That weirdly-closed dashed stroke on Discord is gonna kill me now that I noticed it. And I'm sorry that you'll notice it too

Idk what's up with that instance, but they sure do have some followbots going on, don't they

Also, let's think for a moment about how the Wreck-it Ralph franchise gives us probably the most decent movie appearances of Sonic before we're subjected to the movie that's supposed to come out this year.

Ralph 2 was better than I thought it'd be after I saw the trailers, the movie is alright!

If you can ignore the "Hey! We're Disney! We own this, that and this! Oh btw, look at that thing you know! It's here too!" it's rly nice.

Like, is it me or did Photoshop get actively worse for big documents? I'm pretty sure I used to be able to handle large documents like 4yrs ago and now it goes to a crawl even on the simplest tasks.

Using Photoshop with documents that are like, more than 5000px wide is always a pleasure (not)

Me: Let's go through all that Bandcamp backlog and see if there's anything that I'd want to buy

*5min later*
*has 60 tabs open with each a release*

Me: guess I won't sleep

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