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Trying Framaforms upon recommendations and first off: the website let me input an email address with a "+" in it but I never got the email. Had to re sign-up without the "+" in my email.

Not a good start, Framasoft 🤷

In the same vein if someone has tips on how to setup basic analytics in a browser extension (settings used, no much more), that'd be useful. I feel like Google Analytics would be both too intrusive and overkill for my needs.

Is there a free alternative to Surveymonkey/Typeform that could allow me to have more than like 10 answers and 10 questions in a survey?

So far it looks like my only alternative is Google Forms and, yeesh.

I still need to come up with about $700 to pay my bills next month. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it.

Please boost, and thank you for all of your help. ❤️

bad pun 

Remember that album? Well, look at what i got in the mail today 😊

(T'was too good of a price on Discogs to let it go)

2019 is the year of lurid, almost offensive positivity in the face of bleak reality.

love when its darkest
rage when its needed
unity always

Man, Into The Spiderverse was GOOD. In awe at the art direction and pretty much everything else. still has open registrations because it represents Gargron's vision of the "Mastodon network", that's it, that's all

Window seats are still worth it, exhibit A (⁦⁩ + ⁦⁩)

So did anyone build an Spotify-year-in-review lookalike for people like me who aren't on Spotify but use to scrobble? 🙈

(Do I have to make this as a side project for next year? 🤔)

Just finished the 5 seasons of Brooklyn 99 after 2 weeks of binging. I feel empty now.

frpol, police abusing its power, twitter link 

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