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Question con: on m'explique pourquoi la Freebox sait faire du WPA2 pour le `FreeWifi_secure` mais *pas* pour le wifi utilisateur? Je loupe un truc évident ou c'est un peu weird?


The stock photo is my life. The meme is also relevant.

Also, no I am definitely not looking the price of that vinyl on Discogs, YOU'RE looking the price of that vinyl of Discogs.

So, thanks to Tumblr I learnt that there is a 1984 album of the Nausicaa soundtrack played on synthesizers and it is A TRIP 💙


Eugen is not a person, but a job title meaning "head developer and founder at Mastodon". This position is elected every two years, and elections are coming up soon! Consider throwing your hat in the ring

@wxcafe t'utilises quoi comme cross-poster masto<>twitter?

you all know the solution to foss devs not being paid is to not require people to earn money in order to have a tolerable life right

I have an Express server who randomly doesn't respond to a dumb GET request and I'm starting to think computers were a mistake.

flashing lights 

Ah, my favorite part of jetlag, being awake at 7.30 because you stopped sleeping at 3 in the morning 😅

The reason why window seats are 👌 (⁦⁩ x ⁦⁩)

It’s not very noticeable when you’re in the city but as soon as you’re on the Bay Bridge the smoke situation becomes apparent 😷😬

every watt of GPU power wasted on crypto mining is a watt of GPU power that could have been used rendering the fucking sick 3D effect that happens when you press win+tab on windows 7

I’m still not over how massive this thing is.

It’s just awe-inspiring.

Let’s be clear if they release a Ralsei plush I’m done.

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