more guesswork troubleshooting 

So a reboot after clearing the cache seems to have things working fine? Will see how long that lasts...

- when I opened one prefpane 1-2times it seems to load fine
- sometimes Desktop & Screen Saver just fails to open entirely and displays an error message
- I have a log of when that seems to happen but frankly I can't tell what it means

More details on this:
- it /seems/ that the System Preferences app itself is fine, but loading any preference pane (no 3rd party ones installed) results in high CPU for almost 1minute and finally opens
- I tried cleaning the syspref cache => no dice
- it seems pretty consistent

Is there any science behind the fact that after listening a specific song a lot of times you start noticing new sounds/instruments in it, as if you unlocked a new audio channel? (Or is it just me?)

@impiaaa wait, did it do the thing already? I can't remember where you account was before?

For what's it's worth I've seen variations of this on my home machine too so there's definitely SOMETHING that I'm doing that triggers this but I can't tell what because the logs in Console are a mess to navigate and this issue is impossible to Google.

Every. Single. Time I want to open System Preferences it freezes for more than a minute and finally opens. Everytime I manage to get rid of that issue, it comes back a few days later, what the heck?

Anyone seen this/know how to fix? I'm out of options here.

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

dem debate, lmao 

Just received this lovely cool computer pin by @mavica which goes perfectly with the rest of my retro computing pins <3

Also y’all should watch OK K.O it’s very good and sweet

ok k.o screenshot 

ok k.o screenshot 

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