That's a fun one, somehow Apple Music/iTunes shows the same artwork for two EPs??

Every time I think about takes like "TypeScript is a waste of time", I want to ask the author to do a non-trivial refactor in a JS codebase with complete confidence that they didn't break anything.

In a very on-brand, surprising move, I learnt that Maximum The Hormone released EPs in 2015 and 2018.

16yo me is very happy right now.

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<joke> maybe I should do the same for Better Tweetdeck and require a paypal donation to change the shapes of avatars or some shit lmao

@oolongstains @ticky this reminds me of the “I am rich” iOS app that cost like 999$

@ticky for real... and the fact that it still crashes randomly is the cherry on top.

Also TBH having to pay for mutli-accounts is especially irky when you're using a client to a federated network where everybody and their cat has more than two accounts lmao

@Genstar i can see maybe 2 toots on a half with the default settings so having to pay to have a comfortable experience is such a bad move lmao

Like okay I can understand putting custom app icons and notifications behind a paywall but appearance options are like the bare minimum so that leaves a bad taste tbh.

Lol and it crashed when I tried to reply to my own toot. Great okay I’m staying on Toot. Thanks.

So wait, Mast 2.0 now makes basic appearance options like dark mode (native on iOS13) and text size paid behind a subscription? What the hell.

There has to be someone out there who did a Spotify Wrapped clone for those like me who still use, right? Or do I have to do it.

selfie, no eye contact 

Damn, the new multi-line mode in 71's console is AMAZING. It's going to be SO convenient, and the history search is going to save my life.

Kudos to whoever contributed on this at Mozilla.

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Mastodon'a neat because all of the people you think of as cool & hilarious can actually be really vulnerable. Realizing that all your favorite people are actually people means that you, too, can be the kind of person you would find neat and cool.

I've met some of my favorite artists before and talked to them, even become friends, and in each and every case, my thoughts about them go from "perfect ascended master" to "oh wow this person's just a person" to "I could do this cool stuff, too!"

@tixie Question con, t'as un truc qui automatiquement va chercher les liens sur les différents services où c'est rentré manuellement? :o

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