Dangit the Eldricht.cafe mascot thingy looks cute AF :<

I’ve had another situation that justified this tweet and I almost wish everyone would drop Markdown in favor of BBcode or something.
RT @Eramdam@twitter.com
Expectation: Markdown provides the same syntax for easy formatting everywhere

Reality: Every other app implements it slightly differently and you'll have to try and edit your messages to put something in bold.

People have been asking so:

- the Minesweeper, Paint, cursor and WordArt pins are from studiocult.co/
- The other ones in the pic are from internetpin.co/

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Or at least give me a Finder enamel pin pls.

Hopefully Apple does exactly that at next WWDC and I can snag one off the peeps I know who are going 👀

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Now that I have Win95/98 themed pins I wonder, is there any classic Mac/System themed pins out there?? So I can throw my money at them??

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so my water company just ate £126.08 of my money when i get paid £200 to live off each month

i cant afford food, electric, internet, and tax this month and this means i have to decide if i wanna starve, have no power, or got to jail!

it'd help a lot if anyone can spare some money or buy me sth off my food wishlist thank u. picture of star included as thanks also.



@Siphonay quand j'étais gosse (primaire genre) on attachait systematiquement les ceintures dans les bus scolaires, mais c'est genre la seule fois où je l'ai fais depuis

If you're in America, instead of sending money in for Notre Dome have you considered sending money into one of the black churches who were arsoned?

One in Louisiana seems to have had some funding success on the back of this other popularized tragedy.

But there are a lot of other churches that haven't got the attention this one did.

On a meta level is kind of fucked up that the attention economy plays a role in hypocrisy of taking care of each other.

@ary also there’s a special kind of hell for “HD” releases with a sound track that’s like DVD quality or worse :|

@sorin Ah, I gotta admit I didn't check more deeply than that, I just saw that the amount of nodes in a column wasn't decreasing over time (~10mn) 😅

@codl the worst is that it wouldn't be impossible to implement but I guess Mastodon needed polls before running smoothly 🤷

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