Like, I know from experience that it's not impossible, React even makes this "easy" imo. I would assume Reddit has enough money and engineers to throw at the problem to actually fix it so it's just... weird.

Like, an app of that size isn't impossible to make in a fast and responsive way so I'm really curious to know why it's still Like That..

I'm still conflicted about Reddit's "new" (1.5yo) design.

Like, I legit like that the whole site has a consistent style. But otherwise it's still sorta slow and every now and then it just doesn't know you're logged in anymore even though you clearly are?? How...

3 episodes in, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is really good. Really love the dynamics between the characters and i love how nerdy/excited Asakusa & Mizusaki get when talking about animation.

Also chelmico's opening song is dope (as expected from them)

@mavica don't forget to make a stand for your phone to put on your table for the full virtual boy experience

re: wind waker 

re: wind waker 

wind waker 

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Wow I should have listened to all the memes on my timeline way before, Eizouken is very good (so far)!!

Also, chelmico on the opening ❤️

piss kink, drugs 

@CobaltVelvet it's not strictly bombs and grenades but, uh, do you know about girls und panzer? (it's exactly what the name implies)

Glad to see my obliviousness is making someone's morning/day :')

@monorail i watched like ~40mn of it, it was cool! But im not in the mood for a 2h++ run rn :<

It's Sunday so it's "catching up on AGDQ2020 runs"-day.

I just watched the Animorphs run and it was A TRIP.

Damien, 2020, realizes that CGA is basically the trans flag color palette but with black added.

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