The vinyl re-presses of the Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro soundtracks are freaking amazing 😍

Meta Show more still has open registrations because it represents Gargron's vision of the "Mastodon network", that's it, that's all

From Paris to Oakland? Window seats are still good.

Window seats are still worth it, exhibit A (⁦⁩ + ⁦⁩)

@wxcafe (Tu comptais aller chez quelle banque? (Parce que BofA c'est un peu des branquignoles))

@wxcafe ouais ça par contre t'auras pas le choix anyway :/

Parce que même les banques "online" vont sûrement te demander SSN/justificatif de domicile donc c'est chiant either way

@wxcafe j'avais pu ouvrir un compte à Bank of America sans même un SSN à mon arrivée à SF. C'est pas les meilleurs mais bon au moins..

@kdy It does but it's not as pretty :P (and also it doesn't show anything for 2018 just yet >_> )

So did anyone build an Spotify-year-in-review lookalike for people like me who aren't on Spotify but use to scrobble? 🙈

(Do I have to make this as a side project for next year? 🤔)

@jkb I didn't even get past day 7 last year so I'm like "fuck math, let's play video games" this year instead

Just finished the 5 seasons of Brooklyn 99 after 2 weeks of binging. I feel empty now.

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If an instance goes away, or you decide you like another instance's UX/features more— well, you can repost stuff, you can shrug off content that's lost, you can let your friends know, ~oh, did you hear? I'm on now~. You can do these things *IF* Mastodon is a fun little side thing where we do our low-pressure social networking. This is not feasible or adequate if Mastodon is actually meant to be a *replacement* for Twitter.

The lack of an account migration idiom on Mastodon really is fatal, it is sincerely a thing that keeps me from recommending Mastodon to people. The evaporation to me was kind of like a disproof of the fediverse and I feel like maybe the fediverse dev community should have treated it as such. There needs to be a way to recover your account, "toots", and follower network if one instance goes away.

Okay so tumblr is banning rotating cubes saying it's porn and facebook banned saying "i'm gay" saying it's sexual solicitation and Twitter always seemed like it could disappear at any moment

I feel like we need to be getting ready for Mass Migration to Mastodon, which means we need to fix anything that keeps Mastodon from being usable, and there is in fact something that keeps Mastodon from being usable, there's one specific thing, it's this:

A stranger, in the US: Where are you from?

Me: from France!



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