Well at least I'll be able to enjoy the French dub of the Mario movie so I won't need to hear Chris Pratt youtu.be/iwst-UZn3wM

(And I doubt I'll have an issue recouping some of the cost if I need to sell the ticket in the event I can't make it)

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Scored a ticket for Depeche Mode in San Jose next March... don't want to think too much about the price but 1) that's what credit cards are for 2) I feel like it might be their last tour ever or very close to it so: fuck it

Now the annoying thing is that I'm suspecting that all of this happens _after_ I use an external usb-c display...which I won't have access to until Sunday night and even then I might not know what causes this issue for a while 🫠

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Note that, while the video is showing the Dock, this general lagginess is visible everywhere. Firefox, the Finder, the menubar, it's like the whole UI is slowed down to 60hz instead of 120fps while the system isn't particularly slower. It just *feels* slower.

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Now that I type this, I notice that WindowServer does seem to spike around 40%+ of CPU usage but it's not constant so idk if it really is linked. But also Feedback Assistant is uploading/processing the feedback in the background and that's melting everything 🫠

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I opened a Feedback (FB11656925) and recording something my iPhone at 120fps, thankfully the issue is still visible even when "downsampling" the video to 30fps. I can't tell if it's just general UI lagginess that's made worse with a 120Hz display or a genuine Promotion issue

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@wxcafe @Siph either that or just whip up a bit of JS in the console that spits out a CSV as a string of text

@noiob @dogo Like, sure vanilla JS doesn't require a "build" or compile step but then you have to be extra extra careful about shit like type handling and such. It's fine up until a certain scale at which you're better off having a compiler to catch dumb mistakes that can cause you bad crashes at runtime

@noiob @dogo I mean true but I sure hope you don't have runtime issues caused by mishandling of types :P

@noiob @dogo (and webpack itself isn't particularly slow, it just gets slow when you throw in transforms with babel and such which you might actually not need a lot of depending on what browsers you target)

@noiob @dogo i mean, no matter the bundler, if your codebase is big enough it will get slower anyway :')

@dogo @noiob i guess they mostly implied stuff like webpack and such, because IMO TS is 100% worth the "build" time tradeoff anyway

Asking here because obviously Google is completely useless re: tech issues now

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Anybody having weird refresh rate(?) issues with a M1 MacBook Pro? It seems like mine ends up in a weird in-between state where the cursor moves at 60+hz but the UI is only at 60Hz so the whole UI seems laggy. The only workaround I found is to just log out and back in.

Big Black Celebration/Ultra atmospheric vibes, inject it straight into my veins please

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@demize yeah i'll probably do that, I'll always be able to sell/give away tickets like that anyway

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