If you want to democratize tech, don't start with people who are already into tech. Go to actual craft fairs and figure out what little old ladies need from tech that is either a) not being met or b) being met by super-expensive corporate shit.

Like. Why isn't there a raspberry pi workshop/booth at the county fair? Why are you relying on normal people to seek you out instead of meeting them where they are?

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Firefox problem :boost_ok:​ 

@lapis is it something where the extension asks for new permissions and so Firefox disables it until you re-enable it? Firefox is supposed to show a warning sign over the menu button when that happens but it’s very easy to miss

What’s a perfect album and why Gorillaz’s Demon Days is one of them.

Has anyone made iOS14 widgets that are basically Stardock Fences but on iOS? I feel like there's something to do here.

Feel free to share you faves iOS wallpapers because frankly my collection is pretty stale and idk where to look lol

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So we're doing iOS14 homescreens? here it is.

Really like the widgets has a way to have icons start lower on the screen and App Library is dope because I can finally have only one page of apps I use almost every day and toss the rest away.

It's not like I'm deaf on one ear or whatever, it's just i distinctly remember some sound being at a specific volume and now they sound more muted/harder to hear and I tried multiple times on multiple headphones, multiple music players and it's constantly like that so.....


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Like, over the past few weeks/months i've had instances of "huh, this song sounds different than i remember" and I dont know if:
- Somehow iCloud Music Library fucked with my files (unlikely?)
- macOS' sound is doing weird shit
- I'm getting deafer

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tfw you don't know if you have stereo issues due to software or if you're getting harder of hearing in one ear 😬

The Undertale concert makes me want to do yet-another-Pacifist run, I feel like I could use some Undertale this year.

Tried running `/slackfont Comic Sans MS` and I'm very confused at how "good" it looks.

Someone modded Porco Rosso's seaplane into Flight Simulator 2020 so you know damn well I'll install that mod in an instant eggman28.itch.io/flight-sim-st

@tom I wanted to make the same joke with 1420420420 but then realized we’re way past it :’(

my friends: (celebrating unix timestamp 1600000000)

me: (smiling serenely and waiting patiently for october 2023)

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