I was happy I had Isabelle and started the construction of the Able Sisters shop on my island until I remembered that I need to fish that god damn stringfish before tomorrow.

Guess I'm spending my day crafting fish bait in-between work to catch that sucker.

@impiaaa @KitRedgrave also +1 async/await is the fucking best, so glad we graduated from the awkward callback spaghetti hell

@impiaaa @KitRedgrave i mean, TypeScript is still very a superset of JavaScript (i.e: the compiler might never be as smart as a Truly Typed Language™️ one) but it adds so much QoL improvements (even more at scale) than unless i absolutely can't for whatever reason, i never want to write JavaScript without TypeScript ever again

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"mom can we buy a sound mixer?"

"no we have sound mixer at home"

sound mixer at home:

@wxcafe @flussence @monorail i was playing on friday night and had to give up because somehow my left controller's battery was low and then the thing refused to re-connect so I said fuck it and started a Doom 2016 save

@wxcafe @flussence @monorail i would go faster if I had working batteries for my frigging oculus controllers 😩

Devastated to see that business.cat is parked... would have been a perfect URL for a picture of Raymond Animal Crossing

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Thanks for making me laugh @hollyghosst@twitter.com :’))

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Alright, now that this is sorted out, time to play some Half-Life Alyx

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After using Autoruns to removethe registry startup item, it's gone, which I'm glad about but it's completely wild that I have to go to these lengths to do something as trivial as "stop that random popup from showing up on boot".

I don't miss Windows as my main OS 🙄

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After digging a bit, somehow it's something in system32. Which obviously comes back after being deleted.

Totally normal and not fishy behaviour there, Asus

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The Windows Experience™️: I made the mistake of installing some Asus related apps and drivers and now this thing pops up at every boot. Uninstalling everything Asus related doesn't change anything 🤦‍♂️

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