Has anyone made iOS14 widgets that are basically Stardock Fences but on iOS? I feel like there's something to do here.

So we're doing iOS14 homescreens? here it is.

Really like the widgets has a way to have icons start lower on the screen and App Library is dope because I can finally have only one page of apps I use almost every day and toss the rest away.

It dawned on me that I guess you _could_ repurpose the A1048 Apple Keyboard with a modern PCB/switches/caps but... I have no use for a numpad 😞

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I saw this numpad on Drop and I absolutely want a whole keyboard board with that translucent look πŸ₯Ί

Completely forgot that there was a Poolside fm Mac app so I had to immerse myself completely

Accuweather seems to predict at least as bad tomorrow and way worse this week-end, I dont know how accurate their predictions usually are, but if the smoke moves up north, we're in for a scary week-end 😬


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This morning isn’t as red/orange as yesterday but it’s way less visible and AQI is already way worse, 216 as I write this 😷

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Took the pic again with Halide and the right white balance setting to have something even more accurate, even my previous edit was a bit far off!

It's! Bad!

Climate change is real, gender parties suck ass and the world is burning! Fuck!

Real Mars type shit.

"oh geez it's very hot, i wonder how hot it isβ€”Oh for fuck's sake" (that's 95F)

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