Just watched Luca, and while it was a sweet movie...I keep thinking about this little dude.

There’s a lot of small kinks to iron out but here’s how @BetterTDeck@twitter.com on Safari for iPadOS looks after running the updated project 👀

After way a bit of fiddling around with mp3tag (on Windows) and some random vgmdb configuration, I have everything in Apple Music 🥰

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And last but not least, every KK Slider song artwork in full size!!

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It also comes with a booklet showcasing every appearance of each tracks (i assume?) on the CDs, and another one dedicated to K.K’s songs

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It obviously comes with 4(!) discs of the soundtrack of Animal Crossing New Horizons, but also discs of instrumental of the K.K Slider songs and a cute little earbuds pouch

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iOS 15’s visual look up is fun to use. Seems to work well… except it thinks a black bunny is a dog, or a cat 😝

Spent the evening playing around with a logo variation feature for @BetterTDeck@twitter.com 👀

(non exhaustive list)

I'll need some time to adjust to Firefox's new UI but THANK GOD the contextual menus are finally native on macOS

It lights up when you touch it!! It’s wild how far they went. Also surprisingly heavy for the size. Also listen to that *click* 🤤

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Chilling birb 📸

This lil guy was in front of my window and not moving much so it was perfect

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