Had to replace my gpu (bc amd cant make a stable 5700xt) and the "new" one has a cyan/blue-magenta/pink LED.

I can't disable it so I leaned into the color scheme.

And Sans is there too, somehow.

A bird landed on my patio while i was working. I just had enough time to grab my camera and takes a few quick shots from behind my window.

I always forget how nice the jpegs from my x-t10 are

You, uncultured: ah yes, Interstella 5555 and Tron Legacy was amazing

Me, an intellectual: Thomas Bangalter with 113 in "Fout la merde"

I know what I'll be watching all day.

(This is a 1080p60 version of their Chicago show that surfaced last year that I grabbed on my NAS, if we're mutuals feel free to ping me, I'll upload it somewhere)

Finally received my Macintosh artisan keycap! And improved it with a piece of paper behind the clear plastic for a better look

For those wondering, the color scheme comes from the setlit on Secret Sky's website

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Did I spent two hours of my night importing+sorting the Secret Sky 2020 into Plex sets and designing custom posters for them?

... Maybe

1h in, the 1st game is a RPG with a card-based battle system, it’s not bad so far!

Also, LOOK at that sprite of Alphonse Elric 😭😭😭

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The juxtaposition of those two images works very well as a metaphor of the last 12 months, honestly

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So I tried running PokΓ©mon Crystal on the EverDrive GBA with Goomba Color and, huh.

Well it runs but now how I expected.

Don't know why it happens but it's hilarious

Just modded the second GBA πŸ˜„

That pink color looks really nice, much darker than I expected but it looks good still.

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