Now that I have Win95/98 themed pins I wonder, is there any classic Mac/System themed pins out there?? So I can throw my money at them??

Nan mais c’est bien vous avez réussi à être encore plus dystopique que la Silicon Valley, même ici y’à pas ça. Chapeau les mecs.
Pour transformer l’administration, il faut oser penser autrement. Par exemple, face à la fraude dans les dossiers de location, la start-up d’État Locatio garantit aux propriétaires de recevoir des dossiers complets et vérifiés.

Also I didn't know that TV Tokyo did Pikachu pins for every Olympics so far (I knew about 2020 but not before) and I'm melting down

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Very happy to have received Oneknowing on vinyl today ✨✨

For posterity, here's DuckTales running on jsnes (, controlled by a TAS movie, in Chrome, mostly in sync until it's very much not

Progress! Turns out that pressing buttons only when sprites are visible helps! 😅 (thanksfully jsnes exposes the PPU/CPU states so that's convenient)

Just received my custom V3 with Cherry MX Silent Red and custom keycaps made to look like the ones on the MacBook Pro (minus the butterfly mechanism 😝) 🤓🎉

I almost forgot I coded this, I'll now grab a bag of popcorn while watching the mentions of for the next 24h 🍿


The best April Fools Day jokes are the subtle ones.

Well played by one of,, or

That theme was fucking great


UMASO - Susumu Yoshida

I've switched over to Firefox a few months ago now, and while not evething is perfect, the ability to mess around and change the UI using CSS never fails to be cool.

Experimenting with bottom tabs ✨

Hi yes another arrival of Good Pins™️ (the Windows, AppleExpo and Internet are the new ones) from the folks

Obviously had to put one on my backpack 😝

I feel like this isn’t the right copy 🧐

(Also go listen to/buy Oneknowing by Lena, it’s very good)

Omg those boxes 😭❤️


Du thé Ghibli ! C'est la marque Lupicia qui va lancer ces produits en édition limitée en avril. Adorable.

Correction: this is on the beta of 3.3, not the stable release yet however

I'm still very excited though. The compact style is 💯😍

That's exactly why I was jealous of Hyper, now iTerm2 has it 🎉

WOW, the latest version of iTerm2 has like, very exciting stuff. Very pumped about the compact style and the status bar 😮

That line from Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pretty funny after Captain Marvel :')

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