I stuttered while trying to set up a timer with Siri and… I’m not even mad this is just too funny

Playing around with a custom menubar made in Übersicht + some scripts

Twitter mobile now apparently does that thing where it puts some new followers in big in the Notifications but some not.
I can’t seem to understand the heuristic nor the point of this but I guess that’s Twitter in a nutshell.

Nevermind I did it myself. It's a bit jerky still but honestly that's not too bad for something I put together in like 20mn lmao

weed mention 

Found out that you can tweak the reader mode of Firefox so I made the toolbar have a transparent background and made my UI theme completely blend with the dark theme.

You, a fool: Oh jeez the Steam sales are in, I'm going to spend so much money

Me, an intellectual: Oh, fuck

Huh, thanks, movie app whose name starts with a F, that’s a very useful error message.

Funny macOS trick: you can set up blank spaces between your icons on the desktop by naming a folder with a zero-width joiner and setting a transparent icon to it

meta shitpost 

I'm sorry Dave but who the fuck uses their middle finger to type on keys???

I was watching the music video for Depeche Mode's See You when suddenly

@ trans folks in my TL

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