That weirdly-closed dashed stroke on Discord is gonna kill me now that I noticed it. And I'm sorry that you'll notice it too

Idk what's up with that instance, but they sure do have some followbots going on, don't they

Me: Let's go through all that Bandcamp backlog and see if there's anything that I'd want to buy

*5min later*
*has 60 tabs open with each a release*

Me: guess I won't sleep

Opera really took the "traffic lights" metaphor by heart, didn't they? 😛

If you're dealing with SVG icons on a daily basis, I highly recommend you grab Gapplin on the Mac App Store.

It's a SVG viewer, but it also adds a QuickLook plugin, meaning you get previews of SVGs in the Finder, and this is *amazing*.

And it's free!


If I run it in sudo it displays fine.



What's the logic behind this?


re: the GRUB part. Apparently there's a `grub-emu` thing supposed to let you emulate GRUB to check the config.

Except, it renders a garbled ASCII mess on my SSH session so...I'm not quite sure what to do?

Is it good? Is it bad?

Guess I'll never reboot this machine.

I just got the email from Let's Encrypt telling me that my certificates won't renew soon.

Fine, I click the forum link, it looks like gibberish to me and there's no clear path to safety here. Good start! 😅


Also in other news I was at where told us the Electron team uses a tool named Sudowoodo and that makes me like Electron even more and will be my #1 defense next time someone tells me Electron is like the Antichrist or whatever.

I found out about and started fiddling around and it's low-key blowing my mind, I might get into this...

Twitter, while doing something actually useful (being able to disable the algorithmic timeline), couldn’t help but fuck this up by auto resetting to the default setting randomly.


Great news! Firefox 64 *finally* supports the styling of scrollbars using CSS 💥

Apparently this was added in mainline Mastodon but if (like me) you're on a non-mainline instance, you can add the following CSS using Stylus to have them fancy scrollbars! ✨

"The title is important because it will be partially re-used in the title"


Remember that album? Well, look at what i got in the mail today 😊

(T'was too good of a price on Discogs to let it go)

Also I think my pin board shows a clear preference now…

Congratulations to Temmie for making it through college!!

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