Why does Theseus look like That in Hades. I can’t take him seriously πŸ˜‚

After spending a few weeks with that setup, I noticed that, like, pixel art icons don't scale very well, so I went ahead and made .icns files for every PokΓ©mon artwork from Bulbapedia, and it works a bit better i think?

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Okay I have a very dumb macOS question because I feel like I'm getting crazy.

Is the "Auto" mode for Dark/Light mode supposed to change to either modes _when_ macOS is used? I see conflicting reports about this and I'm starting to think it's only supposed to change the theme while the system is locked/on sleep or something πŸ€”

I went to turn it back on to check on the battery level and, the scene changes at night!!

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Obviously I had to fetch my OG Game & Watch from the boxes to compare the two. Surprise, they look almost-basically the same!

(You don't want to know how long it took me to get this shot πŸ˜… )

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I (finally) managed to settle on a naming scheme for (almost) all my drivers and devices and I did the next logical thing: apply icons and customize neofetch on all of them.

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