The vinyl re-presses of the Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro soundtracks are freaking amazing 😍

From Paris to Oakland? Window seats are still good.

Window seats are still worth it, exhibit A (⁦⁩ + ⁦⁩)

A stranger, in the US: Where are you from?

Me: from France!



I see Tumblr is going for the "make everything an algorithm and don't hire humans for reviewing stuff" route. That worked so well for YouTube.

Cool, cool cool.
RT tumblr why


Fausse alerte, on peut passer ça en WPA2 en utilisant l'interface de configuration "locale" sur mafreebox[.]free[.]fr.

Qui a des options *extrêmement* différente de celles sur l'UI en ligne 🤔

Question con: on m'explique pourquoi la Freebox sait faire du WPA2 pour le `FreeWifi_secure` mais *pas* pour le wifi utilisateur? Je loupe un truc évident ou c'est un peu weird?

The reason why window seats are 👌 (⁦⁩ x ⁦⁩)

It’s not very noticeable when you’re in the city but as soon as you’re on the Bay Bridge the smoke situation becomes apparent 😷😬

I’m still not over how massive this thing is.

It’s just awe-inspiring.

Did I spend my whole afternoon hacking accented fonts into Deltarune?


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Everyone freaking out over a game that lets you ride horses when the GOTY will let you ride an absolute rock unit, smh 🤷

Just got my copy of the Patch & Tweak book! Very excited to read it 😄

The coolest gadgets...such as...a RJ45 cable 🤯

So I’ve passed by a Uniqlo store w/ a friend, only to find out they have a Namco/Taito collection.

So of course I bought a couple of shirts, what did you expect?

Is somebody at Twitter debugging in production?

For some reason closing the last window in Chrome triggers this warning on macOS now.

I'm pretty sure this used to work, this *should* work on macOS, that's like how 90% of Mac apps work, did Google break something in recent releases?

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