Every. Single. Time I want to open System Preferences it freezes for more than a minute and finally opens. Everytime I manage to get rid of that issue, it comes back a few days later, what the heck?

Anyone seen this/know how to fix? I'm out of options here.

ok k.o screenshot 

I've haven't shot anything on a Nikon camera in 3 years but sure, go on.

Perfect. Sadly Mastodon doesn't support such a long name and I'm too lazy to come up with a shorter version.

very light steven universe the movie spoiler 

Wrote a bit about @BetterTDeck@twitter.com's future/current situation. It's a first draft but it's better than nothing 😪

Mutuals, DM if you want to proof-read it so I don't sound like an idiot.

Reddit using post titles as email subjects is both hilarious and dumb I love it

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