I just realized that Mega Man 3 DOS in CGA says trans rights

Finally got around unwrapping my Sonic CD and Sonic Mania vinyls from Data Discs and using the download code.

Shout out to them for providing a clean digital download with FLAC and MP3 files, both well tagged. Love it.

AGDQ 2020 

Yay, @firefox@twitter.com 72 ships Picture-in-Picture support for Mac/Linux!

Running "brew upgrade" after 3 weeks out of town.. 😪

Also, nice.

Idk who's playing airdrums at the first row of but I respect that

Imagine not taking the window seat.

This post was made by the window seat gang.

Après cela dit on va pas se mentir, sur le JDG ça donne des résultats hilarants.

"Attic gamer" et "Attic player" ça fait tellement Angry Video Game Nerd Marque Repère et je trouve ça beau.

screenshot / lewd joke potential 

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