Didn't think I'd read tweets amounting to "if you're mad that AI art is stealing your shit then put a license on it and sell it before they steal it" but here we are, I guess.


I implore anyone who's working on AI art to actually talk to actual artists making a living with this before doing this shit.

I'm screaming at a wall because it seems like the "goal" of AI art is to remove the human in the process to make it "more efficient" so humans who already do art rn are seen as commodities.

It's the same shit as Uber underpaying drivers bc it wants to remove them long term.

At the very least be aware that automation in our current capitalistic hellscape means that workers will be displaced despite your sentiment that "ppl will still want good art". Profit will be preferred even if it means mediocre output.

AI art is borderline unethical because its existence in our current economic system means that it _will_ be used to replace ppl and threathen their livelihood. As if artists aren't already treated as commodities 😬

If we lived in a system where automation wasn't a treat to one's livelihood, then maybe I'd be more optimistic, but we're not there, and it doesn't take much to study the history of industrialization to see what happens when automation happens in a field.

And I'm not even touching on the part where AI art/audio/video, like deepfakes before them will enable even more sophisticated misinformation. Ppl can barely be bothered to check if a Twitter screenshot is true, imagine that w/ realistic enough pictures generated by the hundreds.

In a fucked up way we're "lucky" the last two years of Covid misinformation didn't happen when AI art was good enough to produce photographic "evidence".

Anyway en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_purp

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