Digitizing VHS adventures: I ran into a VHS that the software I used to rip it (PowerDirector, came w/ the capture card) decided it was "copyrighted content" and wouldn't let me record it. I then decided "ok fine i'm using OBS" and went on to record ~4 of them this way.

It's by the 5th VHS I thought "huh, do these recordings have sound?".

They did not. So now that I managed to get the sound working somehow I have to re-record them all, but at least I'm not using CyberLink's software anymore so that's a plus lmao

Also since those are VHS-C I "only" lost ~2h instead of, like, 4 hours but 😵‍💫

@Eramdam oh yeah, official capture card software annoyingly checks for macrovision (copy-protection system used for VHS tapes; it's a complicated subject), and if it finds it, it shuts that down

didn't realize it was just on the software side though and it wasn't baked into the hardware, that's good to know for future reference

@EeveeEuphoria yeah i was afraid it was a hardware thing but apparently CyberLink PowerDirector can think your tape is copyrighted if the signal is too bad which, huh, happens with 30+ years old tapes 😬

@Eramdam ah great, guessing the tape went so bad it started messing with the vertical blank signal or something lol, that's how these things usually detect that

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