TMNT Shredder's Revenge has been validated for Steam Deck so now the game play perfectly on it 🎉

Who needs a gaming laptop when a a Steam Deck + an external controller hooked to a monitor does the trick? 😝

Also tried Neon White which also got verified, it plays super well, the soundtrack and aesthetics rule.

I'm struggling a bit because I suck at FPSes with a controller but Neon White rules


I ended up hooking up my usb-c dock to the steam deck so I get external display + keyboard + charging with one cable, the mouse is through bluetooth. I just boot the Deck in desktop mode and it rules.

Well, it's still Linux so, y'know. It works well enough and it's basically all I could have ever asked from the Deck: a console and also a small desktop-like when needed

Bonus: Neon White runs at 1080p on the external display at 60fps so that's super neat.

also I tried playing it with my MX Ergo trackball and...I think I could get used to play FPS like this?? It's kinda nice to be able to make quick turns just by flicking the thumb instead of moving your write/arm

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