I'm doing that to get familiar with Lua for when my Playdate arrives :3

@edwellbrook haven't gotten a tracking link just yet but mine is processing apparently.

(I had to contact support to make it deliver in France instead of my US address so it messed up the order stuff on the website lmao)

@edwellbrook support told me they expect it to ship in the coming days so 🤞

@Eramdam i will be watching jealously for quite a few more months i think 🥲

@edwellbrook can't wait to have my trinity of handhelds with the Steam Deck, Analogue Pocket and Playdate ☺️

@Eramdam i’m also waiting on an analogue pocket for late this year 😭

@cyanidedansen uh, last i tried pico8 i thought it was some BASIC type thing 😅

@Eramdam i mean, that's not uncommon? python does the same thing

@Eramdam ok now that i look at it, i think it *is* weird in lua because the require statement just, returns the imported thing instead of assigning it to a name

whereas in python `import requests.exceptions` will look for requests/exceptions.py and assign it to `requests.exceptions`

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