Starting a new Elden Ring thread here to not confuse it with the Steam Deck one.

6h30 in, got my ass beat by Margit 😤

Look, i may or may not have spent way too much time before realizing that following the light at sites of grace was actually what I was supposed to do to progress instead of randomly fucking around. You can't prove nor deny it.

Level 22, i'm at a point where, wherever i go I get wrecked by stronger enemies/random bosses. I guess I just need to farm/explore more to find foes that are more up my alley 🥲

Although I really need to properly understand the guard/parry stuff because half the time I die because i'm out of stamina and i can't counter 😩

Did the Murkwater Catacombs, beat the boss there (thanks Lone Wolves!). Beat Tibia Marinier's ass as well. Game crashed on me randomly so I probably should stop for the day lmao.

Like, damn turns out it's much easier to deal with bosses when you can summon three wolves who can distract them. WHO KNEW.

Too bad I can't record quickly on the Steam Deck because it's hilarious to kill imps by punching them to make them fall into a pit.


I do not like Fanged Imps in regular combat, so I hate them even more when they are five of them and there's a Watchdog. Urgh.

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