Design wise it's basically the Twitter mobile/web app but into multiple columns. Definitely feels weird but there's a bunch of cool things in there.

Full disclosure, I've been given access legit, but I know how to override feature flags so I'm not waiting on the rollout to force my way in.

Seems like a bunch of new column types are there too. Activity doesn't seem to be there anymore however (for now?)

You can switch between top/latest tweet order on a per-column basis

I know people feel strongly about the Activity column... as someone who feels like a 3 digits following count is too much... I dont miss that mess of a column 😆

Each column can be a different size. I liked the global setting but I guess this can be useful

A feature I'm legit excited for and I'm surprised Twitter actually went for: Decks, basically spaces but for TweetDeck.

Really missing the "User" column tho..

Adding accounts doesn't seem to be available yet. No doubt this will be added at a later date given how central to TweetDeck it is/was over the years.


Replies are still inline, and have the full Twitter composer available. You have no idea how much I wanted this on the old TweetDeck (and how i didnt want to do it myself lol)

Since this is actually multiple Twitter UIs in a trenchcoat, you can easily add stuff to threads like you can everywhere else. Good stuff

Columns can be:
- Renamed (!!!)
- Duplicated (!!!!!!!)
- Have manual refresh (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- List columns can be turned into a search columns.

Handy stuff.

Apart from a few UI stuff that feel weird, and that I'll complain about through means of feedback, there's A LOT of genuinely good stuff in my opinion.

Also, like I said, since it's basically Twitter Web but with columns it has all the good things from it:
- gifs
- emoji picker
- threads
- polls
- "new" scheduling
- quote tweets + images
- etc etc

Haven't seed any ads/"X liked Y" though, thank god.

D'OH and notifications merging. Which is the number 1 thing I genuinely missed every single day and that I couldn't shoehorn inside TweetDeck myself 😝

I can tell it's still early in the Preview cycle because the UI does not have any way to switch back to the old TweetDeck yet, despite the invitation modal stating so. Good thing I am using a separate Firefox profile for this 😅

fuck i forgot this crossposted to mastodon.

well, woops.

I don't know yet what this will mean for because we have no timeline re: general availability but the upsides are that a lot of my features will be obsolete, which means I can delete code and that makes me very happy. But I'll probably try to find ways to dig around and extend stuff, we'll have to see if and how that is possible 😁 Okay now I'll be a wannabe and dig through the devtools to see what makes this preview tick 😁

A fun side-effect of this reusing Twitter mobile/Web components, when you open a user's profile and it's their birthday... you get balloons all over the UI! Cute touch

Turns out user profiles can still be opened into their own column, you just have to navigate to the profile first and click a button.

Also, another advantage of having the Actual Twitter composer here, I can drop .mov files and they get converted. Before I had to convert my screen recordings to .mp4 😭

@Eramdam can you finally put description in gifs like you do in web?

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