It obviously comes with 4(!) discs of the soundtrack of Animal Crossing New Horizons, but also discs of instrumental of the K.K Slider songs and a cute little earbuds pouch

It also comes with a booklet showcasing every appearance of each tracks (i assume?) on the CDs, and another one dedicated to K.K’s songs

And last but not least, every KK Slider song artwork in full size!!

I sure do hope VGMDB has the track lists already so I can rip everything and put it in Music :3

After way a bit of fiddling around with mp3tag (on Windows) and some random vgmdb configuration, I have everything in Apple Music 🥰

Also ripping 7 CDs made me remember how fucking slow CDs are, like, goddamn.

i'm now noticing that my tags were fucked up so I need to re-tag everything 😭 fml

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