Free idea to anyone owning crypto:

Sell it and donate the money to orgs fighting against climate change.

And stop buying crypto, ffs.

If you're giving some bs reason "it's so im not tied to banks or whatever", I'll tell you off. That aspect of it hasn't taken off in 10yrs, not gonna happen.

The only effect of having crypto rn is speculating while cooking the planet even more 🤷

From a perspective of a well fed rich western society this might be true.

@Eramdam What do we use for financial freedom without using crypto?

@josias The gold and silver market is being manipulated. But that doesn’t mean it is not a good investment. @Eramdam

@Eramdam though that reason works well for laundering money and illegal trade (drugs, weapons, ransoms), since it's relatively hard to trace back to who is behind the accounts.

I read somewhere that the rate of bitcoin may be related to the global need of laundering dirty money instead of just being purely speculative.

Most NGO are virtueSignallers. WWF itself said if they invested in #contraception they might have had some impact.

To reduce our ecological we actually need to end a growth based system, #soundMoney is the only way enforce this.

Bitcoin = soundMoney

@dsfgs @Eramdam

"Sound money":
> As even the technical definition is rather fuzzy, in reality, it's often synonymous with whatever economic woo its promoter is hyping. Sound money is often a cover for gold buggery, and lately bitcoin fanaticism, though it can mean whatever the hell the bullshit purveyor wants it to mean.

@dsfgs @Eramdam

Nobody was talking about NGO. You can also donate (or invest if you're in for the speculation and potential upside) to a solar or wind energy project in your region.

Literally everything is better than keeping Bitcoin, because doing so means contributing to significant CO2 emissions.

A large percentage of bitcoin is powered by renewables and that's only going to increase.

How much energy is used in conflicts fueled by money printing, current finance?

Importantly, …1/3


Importantly, how much #overconsumption is spurred on by the fact that inflation in the money supply destroys savings? We're forced to pump stonks in largely consumer-based industries, or energy and resources into building emptyHomes to increase in value, because govts stopped including housePrices in inflation stats (and give tax breaks to propertyOwners).

Fiat is rigged to kill the ecology.



Gold is not bitcoin. Its easily confiscatable, difficult to transport, abusive to mine.

Bitcoin is designed to reduce our footprint in future. Watch when saving is appreciated again. It only needs to use as much energy as needed to resist 51% attacks. So in some ways the sooner we adopt it as a reserve layer, the less damage.

Finally its partly govts printing money that causes the price of BTC to rise and thus govs are partly to blame for the environmental impact.

@Eramdam Not all cryptocurrencies use proof of work.

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