Oof, the donor buttons are nasty (surprise! It happens with 20yo stuff kept in random boxes)

Time for a quick clean

Lost ages to a screw whose head broke that I can’t remove. Grabbed some pliers at the hardware store so hopefully I’ll be able to sort this out 😩

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9h and a lot of cursing later:
- most of my screws are fucked up
- i broke the two GBA PCBs i had in two different ways (capacitors/resistors being knocked out of the board..)
- i broke the case in some spots and it's impossible to close

I spent my afternoon and evening on this and i have nothing to show for it. I'm tired and angry πŸ™ƒ

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Lessons learned:
- 20 years old screws fucking suck
- i guess i am too clumsy for that kind of project
- I'll just buy a pre-modded GBA because i don't want to go through all of this over again

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I'll drown my anger and sadness in yogurt because i didn't eat dinner and it's too late to cook anything.

Send cute stuff in my mentions pls

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A new donor GBA, shell, LCD, screws, and 2 hours later, the modding is a success πŸŽ‰

I forgot to buy white silicone pads so Sel/Start are grey and not white but πŸ™ƒ

The LCD is gorgeous, otherwise!

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In my clumsiness i _of course_ knocked another capacitor off the PCB and had to re-solder that and, folks, it was the most stressful shit i ever had to do 😰 😰

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i am, however, not sure why the LED is red despite my rechargeable batteries being completely full 🀷

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Also noticed some light bleeding but I feel like I’ll have to live with it πŸ˜… (and it’s only noticeable on completely dark background anyway)

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Managed to move/attenuate the bleeding to a less noticeable state by un-tightening a screw, so I'll just leave that gba alone because i can live with that tbh

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Just modded the second GBA πŸ˜„

That pink color looks really nice, much darker than I expected but it looks good still.

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@Sylvhem en rΓ©-allumant le jeu je vois que j'ai deux parties avec 35h+ chacunes et: j'ai aucune idΓ©e de pourquoi j'en ai deux avec un party diffΓ©rent dans chaque x)

@Eramdam Ohhh gosh this brings back memories!! Love the GBA games in this series :3

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