So I hope every fedi admin is ready to potentially ban DJT on sight if he ends up registering on a Masto instance after being permabanned from Twitter, right?

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@Eramdam I guess right wings one will fight to have him :blobcat3cSmirk:

In any ways, it would be bad press for whole fedi if orange idiot joined it, given how misunderstood this place is :blobcatPensive:

@Miaourt i mean, given the reach, bad press is the LEAST of my concerns 😬

@Eramdam well bad press is "fedi is new 4chan" so end up only attracting maga ppl and see regulars users leaving by not wanting to be associated with that ? :blobcatOno:

@Miaourt yeah, but, i mean, DJT being on any platform means he could, uh, idk, incite another hateful mob or even worse.

@Eramdam Oh, in this case I guess they will mostly bubble themsevles, and reach only the ones that would be reached anyway

As you said, I doubt most instances will be happily keeping federation open with such places :blobcatShrug:

The only bad impact would be the one I mentionned, it's not hard to get an headline in some crappy newspaper to get the voice of "donald choose fedi" and bam, dead

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