Okay I have a very dumb macOS question because I feel like I'm getting crazy.

Is the "Auto" mode for Dark/Light mode supposed to change to either modes _when_ macOS is used? I see conflicting reports about this and I'm starting to think it's only supposed to change the theme while the system is locked/on sleep or something 🤔

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Like, basically, I'm expecting it to change to/from dark mode at <sunset time> when I'm using the OS. But it seems like it doesn't, and obviously Apple's documentation is extremely vague.

If you're wondering why I ask, it's because depending on the answer my macOS install may have a bug and I can't find a straight answer ;_;

@Eramdam Having used it a lot since Catalina : macOS will try very hard not to switch mode when you’re looking at it.

So yes, in practice that means it only switches when the Mac is locked and/or put to sleep.

@Eramdam My feeling is that this is done because many Mac apps aren’t able to switch from dark to light mode (and vice versa) elegantly, unlike on iOS/iPadOS

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