Huh, what do you know, that scaremongering article about Apple's OCSP implementation sending application hashs was inaccurate 🙃

Neither does it seem to send the ISP, city or state, by the way.


From the article it seems that the OP saying that the OCSP implementation was leaking a whole bunch of things _probably_ confused the OCSP mechanism with GateKeeper? But even then I'd be very surprised if even that would send that much un-needed data.

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Like, there's plenty of things to say about macOS' being more locked down than ever (reasonably so, i'd say, but that's not the point) without having to spread FUD, quoting Richard Stallman (🤢) and acting like this is the end of the world lmao

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Final note: this is not an invitation for Linuxheads to @ me with takes such as "Apple spies on you, you should use Linux". I want an OS that (mostly) works, that's why I use macOS. I don't want to troubleshoot shit on my computer more than I already do, thx.

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