I (finally) managed to settle on a naming scheme for (almost) all my drivers and devices and I did the next logical thing: apply icons and customize neofetch on all of them.

- Mewtwo is my desktop
- Porygon is my server
- Magneton is my NAS
- Chansey is my bootable backup drive
- Electrode is my macOS drive
- Voltorb is my Windows drive
- Meloetta is my music drive
- Mewtwo Backup is the backup on the NAS
- Snorlax is all my media stuff

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I need to find a better name for "Mewtwo Backup" and I have yet to name my iPhone but it's a start and it looks cute so it's all that matters to me.

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Now that I think about it... Mewtwo Backup really should be Blissey, since it's like another Chansey...

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