Firefox problem :boost_ok:​ 

Is anyone else having a problem with firefox where their extensions arbitrarily stop working, unless they go to the add-ons section, and disable and re-enable them?

Like, restarting firefox doesn't fix this. Only the add-ons page does.

FWIW I even pruned my add-ons a bit.

And if your advice is to switch browsers, just don't bother replying.


Firefox problem :boost_ok:​ 

@lapis is it something where the extension asks for new permissions and so Firefox disables it until you re-enable it? Firefox is supposed to show a warning sign over the menu button when that happens but it’s very easy to miss

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re: Firefox problem :boost_ok:​ 

@Eramdam it doesn't seem to be. Like I definitely haven't noticed any requests for extension updates.

It seems to be All or most of my extensions, too.

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