Day 1: Title screen music, i HAD to put the Pictionary title screen in there, it just goes way harder than it had any right to be, and I love it

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Day 3: 8-bit music. Oh gee, i wonder if I'll ever find something πŸ˜›πŸ€”

Alright, let's take my first video game ever, Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Day 4: music from a console exclusive series.

This was way harder to pin down that I expected it to be, but fuck it, Advance Wars Time

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Day 6: music that makes me feel relaxed.

This was hard to choose but, gotta hand it to Dire Dire Docks

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Day 8: music from a shooter.

Wanted to put Splatoon somehow, but I think Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion deserves more exposure because its soundtrack slaps

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Day 9: Music from a licensed game.

I'll assume this counts because:
1. it slaps
2. i don't think i've played enough licensed games to remember anything about their soundtracks

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Day 12: Music that makes you sad.

More "sad" in a melancholy kind of way but I do remember tearing up when the credits played on my first playthrough ;;

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Forgot to do Day 13, oopsie.
A game I didn't like? The only one i can think of is Sonic Generations on 3DS which I was hyped for at the time but was really disappointed by. I had to look it up and?? there's a Sonic Rush track in there?? Perfect.

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Day 14: music with vocals.

Staying on the Sonic theme, the intro song to Sonic Heroes because that game was a big part of my GameCube days and I know it's not _that_ good but I'll fight you if you diss it

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Forgot a whole bunch of days so sorry for the incoming spam of posts.

Day 17: music you never get tired of. Hard to choose so i threw something random tbh

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Day 18: music in a game released the year i was born. Cheating a bit because it was released in 1992 in US/JP and 93 in Europe but eh :P

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Day 19: cover of music.

I could have gone the easy route and picked Smooth McGroove but I'll go with a Brentalfloss cover πŸ˜† ...wew 2012 was a long time ago.

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Day 21! Music associated with frustration..

I feel bad for putting Cuphead's OST in here because it's amazing but also URGH those bosses are really a pain in the ass.

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Forgot day 23, because ofc i did: underrated music.

I've heard that track in a random trailer for a documentary about 8bit music and fell in love with the intro

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Day 24: music you constantly have stuck in your head

I tried very hard to not put any PokΓ©mon 2G music until now, and this one fits the bill completely

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And i tricked myself into listening to the PokΓ©mon G/S/C soundtrack again, woops

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FUCK i want to play PokΓ©mon Silver now, god damnit.

I should finish my playthrough of PokΓ©mon Prism one day

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Forgot day 27 because time doesn't mean anything and i can't tell what day it is anymore.

Music from a handheld game...


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