Are you awake at 6am because you can't sleep after waking up at 5 and started looking up whether or not to modchip your Nintendo®️ GameCube®️ or are you normal


Ok so remember when I asked about my options to play the Gamecube on my HDTV?

I got myself a GCHD MKii and this thing is *chef kiss*, Gamecube games looks good right out of the box, and with a lil' bit of homebrew they look even crisper, love it.

Having to run a specific game to run a save exploit to launch Swiss (the homebrew thing) is already getting old so my options are:
1. suck it up
2. install a modchip that requires soldering and lets me keep the DVD drive
3. install a modchip that replaces the drive completely

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#1 is easy because nothing to do
#2 requires soldering and... i haven't done it in 15++ years and im not confident about doing it on my childhood console
#3 does _not_ require any soldering but obvs i wouldn't have the standard dvd drive anymore and that looks..weird

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I need to get a soldering iron anyway because the battery in the console is kaput and i'd like the console to stop thinking it's January 1st in 2000 all the time but that's not urgent so... we'll see.

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Anyhow. Also been thinking about streaming lately. Should I do it? y/n? Dont know if it'd be in French or English so you're playing the lottery on this one lol

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