Me, seeing the "[software design] sucks now!! everything was better before!!" discourse happening again, as it does everytime an OS changes its icons and the skin of its desktop environment


it's funny because every time the (defunct) arguments are always the same and usually amount to "I miss the old UI and I dont see the technicalities that lead to the current design" and it's Tiring

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I like a retro-ass UI as the next guy, but at the same time...good luck rendering your bitmap assets and brushed metal windows in a dpi-agnostic UI πŸ€ͺ

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Maybe we just need to go back to flat AND retro UIs. No gradients, only grey squares and shadows, now that'll render very well in vectors.

System 7/8/9 and Windows 95 But In 4K Retina baby

(jk jk but also i'd be curious to see that)

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