And another rejection for @BetterTDeck on the Chrome Web Store πŸ˜₯

I wish the email was more verbose, like, _what_ permissions are the culprit? Google won't tell me.

I'm told to reply to the email for a follow up but my prior experience doesn't give me hope about that. πŸ™ƒ

Last time I replied to one of those emails, I got an automatic response and I might as well have talked to a wall.

I'm not complaining about Google caring about user privacy, I just wish they were more transparent when telling you something is wrong.

Like, telling me to "reduce the need for permissions" doesn't help.

I have a dozens of permissions. most of which are specific domains I need to show thumbnails from different APIs. I'm doing that explicitely so I don't just pass everything through a proxy of mine.


Proxy which obviously would be even worse for everyone because from a user perspective it would look shady, and for me that means extra maintainance work. But I guess it would please Google's review because it's "less permissions so It's Secure"?

Who knows.

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At least when Mozilla gave me a rejection notice they were transparent about WHAT caused it and I could legit hop on an IRC channel and ask a reviewer directly about it.

That's not an option with Google.

Anyway, now I play the waiting game, hoping I get a human on the other side that can tell me _what_ is wrong exactly instead of an automated response πŸ™ƒ

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