Retro audio nerds, what's a nice portable audio cassette player I can get these days?

I have a few cassettes that I bought because they're pretty but also i don't really have anything to play them... Or rather I have this thing but it's not great (lousy internal noise, mono only..)

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@Eramdam if you're looking for portables, don't go for less than sonys i think, if you're looking for hi-fi stuff some other brands did pretty good cheap stuff like kenwood

@mavica as much as i'd like hi-fi stuff on paper i... really don't have the room for it, so portable is kind of my only option πŸ˜…

@Eramdam i've heard that sony's DD (direct drive) stuff is the holy grail since the motor drives the tape directly with gears rather than belts, but the gears can crack easily and they're hard to find

@mavica yeah i saw that Sony made good ones...

are they selling new/recent ones or should I try my luck on eBay/whathaveyou?

@Eramdam nope nobody makes new tape stuff since probably the 2000s, you can only get old stuff now if you want something decent

@mavica just found a decently priced (I think?) Sony WM-EX60 (first image) but i feel like it was sold only in Japan or something because i can't find _anything_ about it. At least is looks slick.

Also found a EX615 which seems to have good qualities according to folks on tapeheads

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