Time challenge the CPU a bit 😛

Also I think I'll need to see if there are some "passthrough" presets for Handbrake because I had to tinker with too many options so it doesn't try to crop or resample everything -_-

And as I say that, I notice I forgot to change the audio codec to DTS-HD passthru instead of AAC è_é

Anyway, I'm afraid I'll be the "makes copies of his Blu-Rays to put on Plex" type now.

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The encoding took ~2h30 but DAMN I ended up with a 5GB file with (as far as I can tell) no quality loss compared to the H264 version from MakeMKV.

I'll see if my NAS/Plex handles that file but if it does... I don't see why I would need to encode anything in h264 ever again.

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