tinkering / pkmn tv app / piracy-adj / thread 

So, earlier today a friend of mine told me that the PokemonTV app on iOS/tvOS had the best available quality for the first two seasons of the pokemon anime.

10mn later, I obvs ask "what if we plugged Wireshark and extracted the stream URLs to rip the episodes?"

He manages to grab a few manually, after that I wonder, there's GOT to be a way to automate this...right?

tinkering / pkmn tv app / piracy-adj / thread 

A bit later, I manage to get the .ipa of the iOS app on my computer. Extract it, i look around in the files and... guess what?

There's a dumb JSON with the API endpoint used by the app....everything...in a big-ass, well structured json file.

So obviously I have a server running that's download the first two seasons of Pokémon right now :P

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tinkering / pkmn tv app / piracy-adj / thread 

If this wasn't borderline piracy, this would have been fun to document in details but...welp.

Also wtf the pokémonTV app jumps from Season 2 to season 7 ??? what the heck The Pokémon Company???

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