Hello it's 12am on Thanksgiving night and I'm pushing a release for @BetterTDeck@twitter.com and I'm reminded that now the process to push updates for Chrome extensions is extremely nebulous and anxiety-prone and I truly hate it. Thanks for nothing, Google πŸ‘Œ

I know why Google is more strict on updates now, but Google being Google the whole thing is very vague and NOTHING is obvious and you're left with the dread of possibly having your update requiring human review because Google is atrocious at writing stuff for humans.

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Like. I can say I have a bit of experience through the processes of all the major browsers and right now, my tier-list is:
- A-tier: Mozilla add-ons
- B-tier: Opera if you're not somehow stuck in limbos and end up not having any reviewer
- C-but-honestly-fuck-you-tier: Google

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And I say that while I had to go through the process of having someone from Mozilla putting up with my bullshit and review updates for BTD for months.

It was very annoying but at least they gave me advices and stuff. It didn't feel like you were at the mercy of The Algorithm.

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If I was 100% honest. Like, really. If it wasn't for the fact that Chrome users make for probably 90% of @BetterTDeck@twitter.com users I would only publish add-ons on Firefox. Everything is so much better there at every level.

But no.

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Oh and, yeah.

Use Firefox.

It's Goodℒ️ now. I say this as a die-hard "I hate Firefox on macOS because it's ugly". Firefox is good now. You should switch to it.

Do it for you first, and then do it to take away Google's control on the Web.

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I won't do Firefox's sales pitch, Mozilla does it better for me. But even as a developer it's SO good.

Tab containers are a godsend to quickly debug something in a "blank slate", and profiles with `web-ext` are life-changing when developing an extension.

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