Two days ago I was like "huh, having japanese artists being tagged in kana form is neat but also makes it impossible for me to search for anything in my music library, let's change that".

Today, I'm still paying the price of that decision, my beets database is borked and some albums are not listed in the db but exist in the filesystem, some are in two different folders.

One of those times where I wish I could tell my past self "DON'T EDIT 200 ALBUMS AT ONCE YOU MORON".

55mn later, I re-imported the whole library in place so _at least_ everything in the FS is listed in beets' database.

Some albums are still split apart but that's fixable and I'll just fix it bit by bit rather than apply like 300 changes at once 😩

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Finally done.

Turns out most albums were already migrated and it turns out I had some split/duplicate albums so I took care of that.

I just went the lazy route and deleted/re-imported duplicate stuff rather than try to make beets' `duplicates` plugin work. It means my "Recently Added" playlist is busted but honestly, I can live with that.

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