And now I’m deep in doing this and having a blast designing an UI for it. No idea how to distribute it but πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


I am *this* close to start considering building a web-based mpd client. I probably shouldn't but that rarely stopped me in the past...


So, I'm at a point where:
- I can list all my MPD database in one go
- I can list tracks from albums and play them directly
- I had a little bit of fun with the UI

Now I need/want:
- figure out a "now playing" thing at the top
- find how to virtualize the list of covers (urgh)

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The last point is critical because right now, with ~1200 albums, the whole UI basically dies during the first 6s because, as it turns out, rendering 1200 items and loading ~100MB of images isn't really a thing browsers like to do.

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"But Damien! That's easy to do, right?"

Well, maybe, but I'm lazy and I quite enjoyed the fact that I could rely on CSS grid to lay my elements automatically and having one CSS variable to control the size of the covers.

Like, this was impossible to imagine a few years ago!

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@Eramdam Isn’t this something that can be solved with the new loading=lazy attributes for images?


@GeoffreyFrogeye That's available on like...Chrome and that's it for now and that's not really an option :P

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@Eramdam Oh, I remembered this being added to Firefox recently but they really have no plan towards that. Well, too bad :/

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