Electron, JavaScript and Web Stuff are Fine, actually. I won’t take any replies.

Also somehow the Web is amazing when allowing people to do whatever but GOD FORBID them making apps with it so that makes Electron evil, smh.

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Also if I see someone « but my RAM usage », I’ll remind you that Java exists and its main legacy is RAM eating and UIs looking like ass.

This hot take is brought to you by me seeing yet another « web app disguised as native apps » as if that’s like the worst evil in the world or some shit.

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*whispers* At least Electron apps look and feel consistent /across platforms/ and maybe that's actually a good thing because if you use them you're not 100% tied to a given OS so switching is easier than it ever was. Just sayin.

But yall are too busy hating on Web technologies by default and being gatekeepy. Gatekeeping sucks, everywhere. Gatekeeping isn't suddenly okay because you're licking C's boots.

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I'm kinda neutral on Electron, because it has it's up and downsides.

Consistent looks and the same codebase across OS'ses/platforms is a definitive plus, I can feel that.

But the performance impact of multiple instances of Chromium (aside actual Chrome, if used) adds up after a while. And the file size aspect in some cases too. I wish something like a Chromium shared-library Electron would use by default would be a thing, that would save multitudes of megabytes for each app :(

@pixel Well, that's what PWA for desktop are, pretty much. It's just not widely available yet and they can't do as much as "regular native apps" yet. But I'm sure for 90% of Electron apps those could be PWA apps installed from Chrome or something. I know Slack intends to do that soon-ish

@pixel @Eramdam You can at least alleviate it by forking a separate process for your main heavy work instead doing it all on the main process. James Long had a good post written here explaining the pattern jlongster.com/secret-of-good-e

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