So apparently Tumblr did a solid again and started converting GIFs to webp/webm, completely fucking colors and sharpness in the process.

Congrats Tumblr on alienating yet another part of your users lmao

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I'm not a creator on there, but I do download GIFs for loops/various projects on Tumblr regularly and I'm sure it will fuck up everything that's not a gif of cat videos or whatever.

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Oh and also this makes downloading GIFs locally even more of a pain in the ass because they're .gifv now so, yeah, thanks for nothing Tumblr.

I'm gonna write an userscript that converts every URL back to .gif this instant.

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To be completely clear. On GIFs whose source is a 24/60FPS video, WebP works very well as a format and helps reduce size of files.

For everything else that uses very specific features of the GIF format (variable framerate and custom palette), this is defacing art.

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It's a cheesy analogy but imagine The Louvre reprinting Mona Lisa on a thinner paper to save on space, fucking up the carefully chosen colors of the original art in the process.

This is what's happening for GIFs using the very specific quirks of GIF as a format.

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To be fair I don't think Tumblr is the only responsible here, they're just (badly) following the trend of using video to serve GIF-based content.

Which, again, IS a valid approach when the original content could have benefited from being a video in the first place.

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Tumblr always has had a lot of GIF-based content.

But Tumblr is doing a Tumblr by implementing a technical solution to a problem by completely ignoring the fact that they have very specific fringes of users on their platform.

What worked for Imgur/Giphy doesn't for Tumblr.

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One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is one which GIFs generated from corrupting ROMs of retro games, you can be sure that this conversion will fuck up those

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One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is one with GIFs generated from corrupting ROMs of retro games, you can be sure that this conversion will fuck up those

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At least (for now) Tumblr is doing that only on the dashboard, but God knows when they'll decide to flip a giant switch and serve WebP on ALL blogs without any control from their authors.

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Obviously Google requires a screenshot for Chrome extension on the store and honestly wtf am I supposed to use for that.

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ALRIGHT. It's very late but here it is: a Firefox/Chrome extension that replaces gifv to gif in all links/images on Tumblr's dashboard/explore pages.

Store links aren't up yet because ~awaiting review~ but here goes. Gonna catch some sleep now 😴

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If like me you're annoyed at this, I made a Chrome/Firefox extension that changes all the links back to GIFs in Tumblr's dashboard/explore tabs

Follow the link below to get the download links

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Of course I removed the tweet like a dumbass but OP linked to the GitHub repo so that's nice.

I replied/reblogged (I dont know how Tumblr works) so I guess folks will see my precisions?

Tumblr is confusing πŸ™ƒ

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@Eramdam πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

wordpress guy : buys tumblr
wordpress guy : instantly fucks up one of the big part of tumblr

@Sapphaos I don't think this happened in less than a week, it's not trivial to change that kind of thing, but the timing sure is "funny"

@Eramdam Screenshot of the article explaining the GIF β†’ WebP change? Obviously with the GIF color even more degraded and a big red arrow from GIF to WebP, Youtube-thumbnail style.

@GeoffreyFrogeye nah, that would make a weird association with the author of the article. I just put a random dahsboard screenshot for now

@Eramdam an optimistic way to look at this is to consider most people's hardware kinda sucked at the time so this off-color, not-perfect-pixel is pretty much how they saw the art back then 🀷

But yes this is bad.

@Eramdam it's PNG but animated! Much much better than GIF, more suitable for lossless animations than video codecs. Most modern browsers support it.

If you see the bouncing ball moving, you support APNG.

@polychrome I know /of/ it. I just don't know how it would compare to mp4 in that case, especially in terms of filesize. Unfortunately that's the biggest factor of the trend, to gain on filesize because video formats are better at data πŸ˜…

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