After looking at the DOM of Masto's frontend I noticed one thing..

It doesn't seem to *ever* purge the DOM of toots? 🤨

@Eramdam oh this explains why it takes like 5 seconds to close a mastodon tab if it's been open all day

@codl Yeah that'd make sense. although I didn't check for a very long time but clearly there's no "garbage collection" going on so -_-

@codl lol I just left the federated timeline column go for like 10mn and I couldn't scroll up because of how laggy it is. sigh

@codl the worst is that it wouldn't be impossible to implement but I guess Mastodon needed polls before running smoothly 🤷

@Eramdam i wonder if we'll ever get a functional direct messages panel

@Eramdam what I was getting at was that the dm column is worse than the no dm column we had before and that the time spent on it could have been spent on something else. Like performance

@Eramdam It _should_ remove the content of the toots, leaking one DOM node per toot. Maybe it broke or got removed? 😕

@sorin Ah, I gotta admit I didn't check more deeply than that, I just saw that the amount of nodes in a column wasn't decreasing over time (~10mn) 😅

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