Is there a free alternative to Surveymonkey/Typeform that could allow me to have more than like 10 answers and 10 questions in a survey?

So far it looks like my only alternative is Google Forms and, yeesh.

In the same vein if someone has tips on how to setup basic analytics in a browser extension (settings used, no much more), that'd be useful. I feel like Google Analytics would be both too intrusive and overkill for my needs.

Trying Framaforms upon recommendations and first off: the website let me input an email address with a "+" in it but I never got the email. Had to re sign-up without the "+" in my email.

Not a good start, Framasoft 🤷

Somehow the website "template" is localized in English but the whole app is available in French only (with some UI stuff in English still), what the hell?

I mean I don't care I speak both, but why list that service in your English speaking website if clearly it's not localized?


"The title is important because it will be partially re-used in the title"


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