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Eramdam // Damien ✨✅

what if i just... posted these pics instead each morning tho. still fat pikachu but pride fat pikachu

Important birthday coming up: December 28th is when the elefriend (elephant tossing an airplane) was added to

It's their birthday :3

I've learned that Chip Tanaka (Hirokazu Tanaka, you know, just composed the soundtrack to Super Mario Land, Metroid and a bajillion others) released his first full album!

If you like and music Idk what you're waiting for

friendly reminder to wrap your heavily political posts inside CW tags.

some people here (including me) abandoned birdsite for the purpose of avoiding the worsening Political Discourse there for the sake of their own mental wellbeing.

seeing all of it again around on mastodon doesn't help them at all, and pretty much the reason social media slowly fatigues me

And clearly nowadays we have games that look fucking amazing in a photo mode, so we could have a semi-realistic look so you'd basically be able to learn photography by playing a game!

I feel like it would be both fun and and educational to have a game reward you based on how you compose a shot and stuff.

The abundance of photo modes in video games in 2017 makes me think about two things:
1. Bring back Pokémon Snap
2. at least someone make a photography-based game

btw if you want to filter capslock from your masto timelines i made a regex you can use:


this will filter out any posts with three or more consecutive words containing only 3 or more capital letters each. parameters can be tweaked by changing the first or second 3s (first is minimum characters in a word, second is minumum number of words)

hope this is helpful to some people

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May I suggest that every instance administrator suspends the Instance ?

Yes, it is exactly what you can guess from the domain name.

The first Bing image search result for “video game” is *amazing*.


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