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If like me you're annoyed at this, I made a Chrome/Firefox extension that changes all the links back to GIFs in Tumblr's dashboard/explore tabs

Follow the link below to get the download links

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So apparently Tumblr did a solid again and started converting GIFs to webp/webm, completely fucking colors and sharpness in the process.

Congrats Tumblr on alienating yet another part of your users lmao

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Now I need to think/decide whether I'm getting Pokémon Sword or Shield..

In a very surprising turn of events, I finished Luigi’s Mansion 3 in like 12h across, like, 3-4days?
T’was very good!

Losing my shit over this thread, did not expect to hear Goofy pronouncing my name menacingly but here we are and I can't breathe :'D

So is there any web based Masto client that support multi account or not yet?

Mastodon really needs to copy the thing where Twitter shows you who in your followings follows someone, it would be VERY helpful to tell if a given account is just a total rando or if it's someone the folks you follow know a little bit.

Talking about this thingy

people in the free software community: uhhh the acronym for GNU Image Manipulator Program is kind of offensive, maybe consider renaming?

fossbros: if you dont like it, fork it!

glimpse devs: ok *forks and renames*

fossbros: *throw a big baby tantrum*

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Tired: Firefox is a better browser because it blocks websites from tracking you, is open-source and has incredible customization.

Wired; Firefox is a better browser because the F5 key is bound to "Refresh" on macOS too so I can mash it like in the good old days.

Went with uptimerobot, we'll see how it goes.

Hey! @Eramdam here!

I just noticed that this bot stopped posting a few weeks ago because of a configuration issue on my end.

The bot should be back to normal and post Mac OSX themes like scheduled ✨✨ Ok so it turns out I had a cron running on a server of mine, server that I got rid of last month, hence why the bot stopped posting around that time. Time to find an alternative.

I just realized that my bot stopped posting for a few weeks now. Huh.

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re: meta 

meta ahitposty joke 

I'm partial but the fact that we spent so much time at to make it possible to open/pop out stuff in new windows in our Electron/webapp spoiled me because I want to pop everything everywhere into a new window now.

I don't know if I should feel attacked or proud 😆

RT two hours later : "And that's how I started my new side-project, see you in 2 days with a new revolutionary Slack client"


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