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Been here for a while but I've always been lazy and never did this so here we go:

I'm Damien (he/him), from France, living in California, I post about:
- computers
- nerd/weeb shit
- music
- meta stuff
- programming
- politics sometimes (fuck nazis and terfs)
- video games
- i probably forgot some other things b/c it's late and stuff

And that's mostly it ✨

I wanted to get the Lancer Plush on Fangamer, and while it is out of stock (😢), the reviews are very wholesome so I'm not even mad 🥲

Seize every crypto mining farm and move that onto folding proteines to help cancer research.

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Sometimes I think about what the world would be if the computing power used to sell links to JPEGs and create fake money was used for useful stuff like folding@home or similar endeavors. Wouldn't that be great 🙃

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just a reminder stop using brave and use firefox or literally any other open source browser.

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I almost forgot woke IKEA Switzerland, which used Blahaj to promote the referendum in favor of the legalization of marriage for gay ppl

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Just had a realization: I wonder how many younger folks will have their first exposition to early online culture / warez stuff through Deltarune ch2 👴

Turns out [[hyperlink blocked]] is "easy" to deal with after you spent 3 days in a row beating Jevil 🥲

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It's frustrating how cryptocurrency has poisoned all conversation about decentralization.

So now I'll be able to re-play chapter-2-with-Jevil-beaten-in-chapter-1. And do chapter 2's special boss *rubs hands*

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(Probably not the first doing this but I had to get it out of my system)

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Oh Splatoon 3 is going even more into the weird/glitch/whatev aesthetic?! Sign me the fuck up

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