Mainly wondering, out of curiosity if there's a Masto instance for North California/Bay Area folks :thonking:

Oh wow the service worker support on iOS13 is finally good it seems. Like I can actually use the Masto UI as a mobile app on iOS and it doesn’t lose it’s state when switching apps lol

Can’t tell if it supports notifications though. I’m not sure if that’s a thing Mobile Safari can even do tbqh.

ALSO, very cool side-effect of synchronizing my dotfiles on Dropbox: the mpd playlist syncs accross my computers and why am I amazed at something that feels basic af

Nerd tweet of the day: the funniest part of using mpd to play music is having your song still playing during the shutdown sequence up until the very last moment when the OS finally kills the daemon.

Mainly wondering, out of curiosity if there's a Masto instance for North California/Bay Area folks :thonking:

What are the websites to find Masto instances nowadays? Don't say's server widget thingy.

Oh so now Masto's UI has video autopay? -_- g r e a t

The fact that the poll bars' animation has a "spring" easing function makes it so they go beyond their container and it's disturbing me so much and I can't unsee this

Ah yes Father's Day, that day of the year where I remember how my mom raised us with my younger brother for decades while my dad was never here and/or cheated on her.

Good times.

Is there supposed to be a checkbox icon thingy in there? I don't feel like this should just be a blue square.. 🤨

Also, after 1week I can safely declare that chunkwm is the best thing ever and is completely worth the learning curve.

Spent most of my night yesterday learning/playing with mpd+ncmpcpp and porting an Ubersicht widget so it can pull the current playing track from mpd.

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Me, 2h ago: Alright let's give Cadence of Hyrule a try and see if I'm as bad as I was on Crypt of the Necrodancer

Me, now: IT'S GOOD and i'm decent!! Having a great time.

Love the face Diddy makes after waking K. Rool up in the Banjo reveal trailer.

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