Also in other news I was at where told us the Electron team uses a tool named Sudowoodo and that makes me like Electron even more and will be my #1 defense next time someone tells me Electron is like the Antichrist or whatever.

Also jeez, people usually work their asses off for months on that kind of things, if you have criticism at least put some effort into it than just "uuuhh bad".

Don't get me wrong, I love to complain about shit, that's like the 1st thing we learn in France as kids (😜) but with time I tend to just keep that kind of stuff to myself. Me complaining won't change anything anyway so what's the point 🤷

Ah yes I see we're doing the "Everyone and their cat has opinions about <new logo from Brand> and how it's Bad™️" thing again.


I’ll be at with Come say hi if you wanna chat! 👋

It's available at

Runs on Electron, so I'll def look at the source whenever I'll be feeling curious 😛

Given that spits out MIDI/OSC events, I wonder if I could somehow feed its output into my VJing app and have something that both plays music *and* control visuals 🤤🤔

I found out about and started fiddling around and it's low-key blowing my mind, I might get into this...

Seeing the donation counter go from ~1.6M to 2M in not even 20mn is a sight to behold

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Twitter: “you can finally change this setting!”
Me: Great! Let me do th-
Twitter: We will automatically revert it back to the default value
Me: Wha-
Twitter: Randomly. And you’ll have to spy the change every time you load the app

Twitter, while doing something actually useful (being able to disable the algorithmic timeline), couldn’t help but fuck this up by auto resetting to the default setting randomly.


The more I think about it, the more I think that post-Cross Justice is much better at live sets than studio albums.

(Might has something to do with the fact that the live sets always have some elements out of Cross sprinkled in 😛 )

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