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bout time i did this
Hi, I'm a 15 year bi boy from Chicago, I'm an anarchist.
I like anime, games,and a good movie. I love learning, but i hate school.
Random Fact: Michel Foucault is my favorite philosopher

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Boost/reply and I'll tell you what type of punk you are based on your profile.
The options:
(HOPE)> Tidal, Flower, Solar
(VOID)> Cyber, Crust, Lunar

@lynnesbian don't listen to them lynne this is gold

If You Are Lgbt Or Claim To Support The Community But You Do Not Stand With Wlw And Trans Women Then What Are You Even Fighting For

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yes i am an american. yes i hate americans. we exist

boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

here is jack fucking black honest to god belting megalovania at a south california arcade

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a note for creators: Subtlety is for losers. Ideology is transmitted at face value. No one cares if someone can write an academic paper about why your shit was woke if most people came away emboldened for bigotry

When a self-described centrist follows me it keeps me honest and reminds me to post more about guillotining the rich. Bearing that in mind, friends:

Guillotine the rich

Constructing your own gender / lack of is cool because you can not want to be "wife" but still want to be "mom" u kno

jeff bezos probs broke up with his wife 'cause that shit technically counts as a union too tbh

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