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yo mutuals and other people i consider friends on here but might not be moots with

do you think im neat?
have you ever thought "dang I'd totally follow alis a second time"
do you have a tolerance for my ramblings on anarchy?
you should maybe follow me on

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ok uh new thing
if i did something bad, don't subtoot me, mention by name, it makes me anxious otherwise

still havent played lancer
still want to play lancer
still afraid of talking to strangers on discord to just go find a group

im scared ive driven yet another away
i know for sure ive done some damage here
hard to forgive things at that
but for now she just wants space to think
i can do that without panicking right?
just breathe alis

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fucked up again great job me
is it foolishness or karma
not like you've paid for what you did right? i mean how could you? whatever happens, related or not, ive had it coming most likely

the white boy we were talking about last summer? that's right, he was morbius

lyrics for no reason in particular 

I'm so completely off the goddamn grid it's not a question of addressing me, it's "What do these symbols under the dresser mean?"

aaa i should have said nothing to her about my feelings im terrified that I've made things weird now wonderful

i mean ig it hopefully won't change anything but it's very much gonna stick in the back of my head that I've somehow Really Fucked It Here bc anxiety is a little fucker that doesn't let me have normal feelings about stuff

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don't keep cool knowledge to yourself!!!

- the world is better when more people know more things
- infodumping is really sexy
- uhhhhhhhhh i forgot what i was saying i was thinking about girls and enbies who infodump at me

she made some joke about our sessions being dates and i got so distracted i stopped blocking mids

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falling for the bunny/demon that keeps kicking my ass in samsho

you know what i deserve an occasional "fuck u I'm blocking u for petty reasons" moment
there's this one blogger that came here from a twitter a long time ago and like god she sucks

school, vent but like positive? im stressed but finally feeling like it's gonna work out 

it's a little ironic that my adhd gives me the most trouble mainly with projects involving lots of writing
but i for some reason thought to major in English writing and add a philosophy major

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school, vent but like positive? im stressed but finally feeling like it's gonna work out 

It may have taken me getting two incompletes, dropping two courses, and technically not ending the term as full time, but i finally feel like I'm not likely to get suspended from college
just gotta use the time i have to finish a speech and two papers, only one of which will require any amount of research so hopefully i can do it

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