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bout time i did this
Hi, I'm a 15 year bi boy from Chicago, I'm an anarchist.
I like anime, games,and a good movie. I love learning, but i hate school.
Random Fact: Michel Foucault is my favorite philosopher

you could throw the right's Just a Joke rhetoric in their face with this egg boy shit


random man, appearing out of nowhere: EXCUSE ME would you like to have a debate on if women should have rights? just a debate, just an exchange of ideas

person 1: you're cuter
person 2: no, you're cuter
person 1: no, YOU are the cutest person
person 2: you are MUCH cuter than me

me: please stop arguing. I can solve this for you

me: [looks at person 1 and person 2]

me: I cannot solve this for you, sorry

Communist spectre is haunting Europe. That is why there are so many haunted mansions. The ghosts are upset about economic inequality.

a lesbian zombie/ghost dating Sim called "wife after death"

We are not missing any pieces. We are not incomplete. We dont need a cure. We are human. We feel. We love. We breathe. We work. We have hopes and dreams that we chase and fulfill.

Since autism awareness day is coming up, im fully prepared to bite off the fingers of anyone i see that still supports autism speaks. Im not gonna educate them anymore. Im tired of explaining why im not a burden and im a fully aware sentient being with thoughts, feelings, emotions, a life. Ive got a life worth living and im valuable.

putting my dick through a container of sushi in hopes of getting sucked off, cutting my dick on the plastic and getting agitated by spicy mayo in the process. I cringe and my hands shake trying to hold in a yell, but it’s all worth it because I love to put new twists on gross, outdated ideas.

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hey, just in case there's any confusion?
i'm really freaking gay. like, SO gay.

I'd like my tl to be safe for expressions of neurodiversity.

I welcome any and all well-intentioned interactions, including those that are:
partial, incomplete, ongoing, slow
not what you meant
contradictory, paradoxical, tautological
info-dump or overshare (with standard cw's)
involve switching
other things I haven't anticipated or don't know about

my dream is to be thicc but i know that will never be so

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slowly sinking into the sands of incoherent bullshit

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