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uh yall can call me Michel or Alistair
neither are my real name
i just like em

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can any demigender peeps explain/ provide resources on your experience
im kind of starting to question my gender identity

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bout time i did this
Hi, I'm a 15 year bi boy from Chicago, I'm an anarchist.
I like anime, games,and a good movie. I love learning, but i hate school.
Random Fact: Michel Foucault is my favorite philosopher

Lol I promise this wasnt a subtoot. But now I think I know why so few boosts

Sliding into your DM's like:

Ok first off I wanna apologize....

Folks please know when to not treat people like bad faith actors. Like, people can fuck up and be well meaning and sometimes it takes some discretion and to not chew each other out 🙃

me: yeah i'm anticiv
also me: *spends hours lovingly taking care of my city on simcity4*

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it's odd that i see critiques of anti-civ/primmie ideology that claim its queerphobic
like the construction of sex and gender are some of the earliest examples of domestication
google bædan yall

Every "I have a black friend" type of racist all have he same black friend, and it's just a picture of Ben Carson taped to a broom handle

rice purity test < dark core test
one gives a single score based on arbitrary definitions
the other compares clearly defined traits to an average of the results from other participants
they're both kinda silly, but the dark core at least can be a starting point for a decent conversation

is this test thing stupid? yes
i am gonna write 9 posts about it being stupid? no

In all seriousness, out of the box pleroma is a good alternative to tumblr if you're willing to roll your sleeves up (which many tumblr users are). Higher text limits, less media creep (your disk will die eventually but not because you cached a bunch of images that need to be manually deleted)

ok, so im gonna read Unlike The God Of Human Error by bædan, ill be livetooting about it

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