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bout time i did this
Hi, I'm a 15 year bi boy from Chicago, I'm an anarchist.
I like anime, games,and a good movie. I love learning, but i hate school.
Random Fact: Michel Foucault is my favorite philosopher

Hey remember how anime avatars don't have rights
I've just been informed by Congress that actually that rule only applies if they're not lgbtq because that means they're significantly less likely to be alt-right

Spread the news all you cute gays can use anime avatars now

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the vast majority of cis boys don’t know what it truly means to uwu and I think that’s tragic

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i am a supporter of the free market. i too think we should have a market where everything is free

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@sampo I personally see Alex as an asshole, i.e. on the way they communicate with others, despite the others finding him amusing.

This post is licensed with the TOPIL-1.0 license.

If you're moving from art to anarchist blogging, let go of all you know about giving credit.

Quoting someone's radical ideas to a new audience without consent can expose them to dangerous attention.

Reposts are harder to censor and remove than reblog chains.

Being a decent writer shouldn't mean we get popular and acquire social power. Valuing popularity encourages empty 'hot take' culture.

Fuck credit. Steal all my stuff. Our ideas should move freely and belong to all of us.

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@lynnesbian don't listen to them lynne this is gold

If You Are Lgbt Or Claim To Support The Community But You Do Not Stand With Wlw And Trans Women Then What Are You Even Fighting For

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