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Star Trek Nerd Shit: DS9 question 

@Taweret @malevolent_usb_drive Sidebar: From now on I'm referring to potentially interesting characters that never materialized as Transporter Accidents.

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A prohibition-era GTA-style open world game about a lesbian moonshiner called No Man's Rye.

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Remember that time Chancellor Gowron disguised himself as a human, went back in time to 1973, did all the drugs, and fronted a prog rock band?

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Neon Jortesis Evangelion 

I can't believe I've done this...

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Neon Jortesis Evangelion 

Me: Why can't I sleep?
Brain: What if Neon Genesis Evanvelion, but with jorts?
Me: No.

10 minutes later, that cursed image was born.

I literally got out of bed to draw jorts on an Eva... What is wrong with me?

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My Fuser DJ is accidentally how I'd present if I had one particular ex's body.

I'm now running two different VPS's. Does this make me a sysop?

I know it's terrible for it to run with an unbalanced load, but I still love when my washing machine gets all redneck bluegrass percussion on me.

This cold weather is making me wear clothes in my own house, and I don't care for it.

It bothers me that the word "palindrome" isn't a palindrome.

George: jerry, there's a warbird out there

Jerry: put it on the screen

George: it is on the screen. you think I'm gonna tell you there's a warbird and not put it on the screen?

Jerry: it's blurred. it's a blurred warbird

George: there's another approaching. and another

jerry: a third blurred warbird?

JERRY: What are you all dressed up for?

KRAMER: Oh I ah just came from a meeting with my lawyer.

JERRY: Oh yeah, how's that looking?

KRAMER: Oh I'll tell you how it's looking. My lawyer D'Groz says if there is one raktajino drinker on that jury, (in a very high voice) I'm gonna be a rich man.

ELAINE: That's despicable. How does he know how all ratkajino drinkers will vote? I'm a raktajino drinker. If I was on that jury I wouldn't give you a single slip of latinum, Kramer.

jerry: So how was your date with Captain Boday?

elaine: Let's see, (thinking) how shall I put this.

jerry: just put it

elaine: his skull is transparent and his brain was out

jerry: he what?

elaine: his brain. was out.

Back in the old days people would have to walk 10 miles in the snow both ways in order to send a SMS message

There's some kind of interference on this conference call, and it sounds exactly like a Mk48 ADCAP torpedo on broadband sonar in Jane's 688i.

kink shittoot, sailing 

Everyone says the sea is a cruel mistress, but she's really a bratty switch that will not hesitate to turn things around on you if you give her even the smallest opportunity to do so.


Neighbour came over to talk while K and I were loading the car.

Neighbour: *gestures at K as she walks up to us* "Is that your woman?"
Me: *pause*
Me: "One of them."


Fun fact I just learned: if you have a big beard and go down on someone, then put on a mask to go to Sobeys on your way home, you will spend the entire time in Sobeys having your nostrils aggressively filled with the scent of the pussy you just ate.

I just spent an hour rapping along to Satisfied and Guns & Ships at 125% speed (as if they weren't fast enough already), and I have no idea how my ADHD went undiagnosed for three and a half decades.

Also mu comic updated on Monday and you should check it out!!

I also have a patreon, which gets updates sooner.

baseball shittoot 

Dennis Eckersley looks like he's about to read The Princess Bride to his grandson.

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