It's like talking about the weather. You know it's been hot, I know it's been hot, so informationally we have no reason whatsoever to talk about it.

Emotionally, however, it's good to know you're not alone in suffering from the heat or enduring the miseries of "swamp bottom" from sweating your butt off so badly.

Knowing you're not alone, that others are carrying similar burdens to what you are....well, it helps lighten the load and make it easier to manage.

And that's a big reason we talk.

Some people complain about the same topics coming up online over and over again with only subtle variations, pointing out they've been done to death and why (instead of continuing the discussion) don't we just read the archives of chats past?

Maybe because information exchange is often only a secondary goal in conversation, and the first is to form connections and to create a sense of community - talking to reinforce empathy or so we don't feel like we're facing shit alone.

Random angst.... 

Very tired today. Tired of hiding who I am to the people around me, tired of the facade I wear every single day out of an abundance of caution. Tired of conformity, of the cultural norms that keep me caged.

I need out of this fucking closet. -_-

If you have job/boss that pays you money, don't comment on creators asking for money.

You don't have to ask to be paid by your boss every day because you have an employment contract.

There's no rule that anyone has to pay for art, entertainment, or any other type of work online. Most people just take it for free. Creators need to remind people that there is no one paying us.

Don't let anyone shame you into not asking to be paid for your work. You deserve to survive, thrive, and be happy.

boost this toot if u arent straight. this is for science

Been reading about the London tragedy this morning. Such a horror, and it didn't have to happen - it looks to be the inevitable result of years-long negligence in the service of profit. I can only imagine what the people who lived in that building are facing right now and feel for them and those who didn't make it.

Let me tell you, though, when the sun sets in New York and the breeze off the Hudson drops the temperature 10 degrees but you can still be outside in a tank top and tiny shorts, there is nowhere I'd rather be.

@sendoshin @tcql

(incidentally, "we only let humans hear/speak Tolkien's Elvish until 20" is literally how you destroy humanity entirely)

(Oh, and for the record? Black *is* beautiful.)

Went to the Odunde Festival today - it's a celebration of black history, culture, and pride. Had a great time, but I'm exhausted. I'll be culling through my pictures from it tomorrow and posting a few of my favorites here. May take a bit though - I took around three hundred of them.

"Use the computer guidance system, Luke, that's what it's there for."


Hate the state of the country?
Want to push it in a more progressive direction? I just discovered this:

It looks like a good place to start!

The new political dynamic is slowly settling out in unexpected directions - little Chloe has taken charge and quite cowed Elonzo despite being barely a third his size. Dog the first thinks Chloe is wonderful, but, while enthusiastic about friendship prospects with Elonzo, has been rebuffed and has no idea what to make of future prospects. Dog the second has yet to meet the newcomers, as he has quite vocally expressed an anti-immigration stance and unreasonable fears of creeping "Purria Law".

This fine gentleman is Elonzo. He joined our family tonight!

Please adopt a critter today, if you can - there are so, so many in need of homes, and you'll get a friend for life!

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