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Nice to meet you @jon ! Thank you so much for connecting with me here, yay!

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Motivated by @csepp , I wrote a haiku in haku. I even added a new keyword 俳句 ("haiku").



The actual haiku is


tera ha kara
hasu ha saiteta
atsui natsu

an empty temple
the lotus was blooming
hot summer

All the rest is needed to make it a valid haku program. When you run it, it prints


giragira taiyou
terasaretai yo

which is more poetry ^_^

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As promised I wrote an article about my motivation for creating Haku, my Japanese-language programming language.

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Sometimes I feel that being on fedi is a bit like being kept afloat by bubbles.

Every post is a bubble. But being bubbles, they burst quickly. Some bubbles last longer than others, but sooner or later they all disappear.
So you have to keep it up: stop posting and soon there will be no bubbles left and you sink.

Maybe that is OK of course. Maybe it's not sinking but just submerging.

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Anne Clark - Nothing at all

My turn to crumble
My turn to fall
From so very humble
To nothing at all

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I once met him
It really surprised me
He put me in a bath tub
Made me squeaky clean
Really clean


He said hi, I said hi
I was still clean


I thought I had seen everything
He wasn't white and fluffy
He just had side burns
He just had side burns
And a quiff
He said hi
I said hi, I was still clean
I was squeaky clean
I was surprised
Just as you would be


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My punctuality is well known
When the revolution takes place
I'll be late and I'll be shot as a traitor

When the sun rises

When the sun rises
I will not see
I regret nothing
It was worth it
Going through life without a timepiece
Did pay off

(The Sugarcubes, "Traitor")

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New Order - Subculture

In the end you will submit
It's got to hurt you a little bit

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The other tracks I posted tonight were all good fun (except Anne Clark), but this is more serious and I think it's a very beautiful instrumental piece.

New Order - Elegia

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UK pol, short rant, sorry 

This UK govt focus on "Britain First" (the idea, not the party) is really getting to me. We now need "strong UK involvement" for everything we do, and "impact for the UK economy" etc.
Perish the thought that your research would benefit some other part of the world, or that you'd be working with non-UK groups.

And it doesn't help that I am constantly reminded of the slogan of the Flemish Neo-nazi party Vlaams Blok: "Eigen volk eerst", "Own people first".

😞 😭

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natural-language programming, English vs Flemish 

In the context of function application in natural-language-based programming languages, even in closely-related Indo-European languages like English and Dutch, the word order can be very different:

Maths and programming

A+B; add(A,B)
A-B; subtract(A,B)
A*B; multiply(A,B)
A/B; divide(A,B)



to add A and/to B
to subtract A and/from B
to multiply A and B
to divide A and/by B

Pattern: <to> <verb> A <and> B


add A and/to B
subtract A and/from B
multiply A and B
divide A and/by B

Pattern: <verb> A <and> B

So function calls verb(A,B) follow this structure

Flemish and Dutch:


A en/bij B optellen; A optellen bij B
A en/van B aftrekken; A aftrekken van B
A en/met B vermenigvuldigen; A vermenigvuldigen met B
A en/door B delen; A delen door B

The first variant has the pattern

A <en> B <werkwoord>

The second variant needs a different preposition for each verb but the pattern is

A <werkwoord> <voorzetsel> B.


tel A op bij B; tel A en/bij B op
trek A af van B; trek A en/van B af
vermenigvuldig A en/met B
deel A en/door B

So there is no single general pattern, here are three patterns:

<werkwoord> A <en> B
<werkwoord> A <voorzetsel> <voorzetsel> B
<werkwoord> A <voorzetsel> B <voorzetsel>

depending on wether the verb has a preposition as part of it or not. But there is no easy rule to determine this.

As a result creating a natural-language programming language based on Flemish or Dutch is harder than for English.

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🎶 And what will happen?
Will I dream?
I am too scared to close my eyes
For a second, please hold me
None can change in me these things that I believe
But I don't know what happens now
I am too scared to close my eyes 🎶

VNV Nation "Legion"

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It's autumn and National Poetry Day


Eerst zetten zwaluwen op de draden
De noten van het gekend gezang,
Dan komen meeuwen landinwaarts
En de laatste vruchten smaken wrang:

Wind bladert in de kruinen
En leest het dode lover af
Belegert onze dorre tuinen
En scheidt koren van het kaf.

Kind, die in de bossen noten raapt
Hoor de dood in onze schedel kruipen
En zie hoe wij het geluk besluipen
Dat binnen in die bittere bolster slaapt.

(From "Junkieverdriet" by Jotie T'Hooft, 1956-1977)

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If there is anyone here who'd like to work with me as a Research Associate from 1 Jan 2022 until 31 July 2023 or for a shorter period, full-time or part-time, please let me know.

Closing date is 13 Oct, no applicants so far so I will re-advertise if needed.

The post is on a research project at the intersection of embedded systems (SW&HW), programming languages, compilers, runtime systems and type theory. So if you know about any of these areas, it may suit you.

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And also for National Poetry Day, although it references winter, let me offer you a Haku program called "yuki".



記憶は「忘れられない あの冬の the new fallen snow」、


wasureru to ha ken de kuu no koto desu.

tōi to ha mono de mono wo miseru no koto desu.

honma to ha
kioku ha "wasurerarenai ano fuyu no the new fallen snow",
wasurekake teta tōi kioku
to iu koto desu.

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I hadn't realised there would be so much interest in my Haku language from people who don't know Japanese. I have now added transliterations in Latin script (romaji) and English translations of the code to make it a bit more accessible.

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