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In "Agency", William Gibson mentions in passing a mural of a Venezuelan goddess. Based on his description, it is María Lionza

"La Reina Santa Maria de La Onza (The Queen Saint Mary of the Boar), María Lionza, is a goddess whose worship is very popular in Venezuela and nearby countries."

The whole article is very interesting.

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More Haku/DeepL poetry.

Haku program:




"To walk is to be infinite.
Forgetfulness means that you are "lost in your memories".

The truth is that we have forgotten how to walk."

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Yesterday evening's #improvisation, featuring the #Bastl #KastleDrum, a recent aquisition, so more fumbled with than played, really. :)

There is a bit of white #noise in the backdrop. I hope it doesn't mar the listening experience!

#ambient #AmbientGuitar #psychedelic #electronic

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Haku, my -inspired , lets you conjugate the verbs for a function call. For example:

Given a function send:


and an argument message:


In Scheme this would be

(send message)

Plain Haku

“To send a message”

Polite Haku

“Please send the message”

Insistent Haku

“Do send the message”


“The sent message”

For more details:

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Haku code:

本真とは記憶は「忘れられない あの冬の the new fallen snow」、忘れかけてた遠い記憶の事です。


The true meaning of memory is "the new fallen snow", a distant memory that was almost forgotten.


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Some time back in June I mentioned this idea of a Japanese-inspired programming language.

Three months and six thousand lines of code later, here is Haku: a toy functional programming language inspired by literary Japanese.

It is probably “pre-alpha” but if you want to try it out, or just read about it:

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CO emissions perspective:

- Every person breathes out about 1 kg CO2 per day.
- That is 3 gTCO2/year for the world population
- Current emissions are estimated at 55 gTCO2eq/year
- So all humans breathing is only about 5% of the total CO2 emissions.
- And this total needs to be reduced to 23 gtCO2eq/year by 2040 to stay below 1.5C warming.

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so often the truth is less attractive than the misinformation

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They remind me a little bit of The Sundays from long ago

"Here's Where The Story Ends"

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Premier concert depuis longtemps, à vue de nez, la consommation de cannabis n'a pas baissé. 😂

Quelques images à peu près regardables.

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Viste le continue parole offensive del Ministro della Pubblica Amministrazione italiana nei confronti dei dipendenti pubblici, e il mancato atteggiamento costruttivo e di confronto per adottare una nuova organizzazione del lavoro (smart working) nelle amministrazioni pubbliche, si chiede ad almeno un decimo dei componenti di una Camera della Repubblica la presentazione di una mozione di sfiducia nei confronti del Ministro. Firma e fai firmare la nostra petizione on line.

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"Turn off that camera during virtual meetings"

Video is 96% of the carbon footprint of a call.

One hour of videoconferencing or streaming emits 150-1,000 grams of carbon dioxide.
(For reference, a litre of gasoline burned from a car emits about 2,350 grams. You can drive about 10 km with one litre.)

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