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@eloisa I am trying to raise awareness about the need for "frugal" computing, doing more with less, making our devices last much longer.

Here is my article about it:

Thank you so much for your re-toots, and @mplouffe ! Very much appreciated 🙇

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@cadadr @Lapineige
This is to thank you very much for kindly re-tooting my message! Greatly appreciated 🙇

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Are there scientific conferences, or journals, that would welcome a paper on a living documentation experience?

(Living documentation is the engineering of approaches that allow the documentation of a system to evolve and stay in sync with the system it describes.)

I will !

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@Eidon @guresuke

I finally had the opportunity to listen carefully to "Crimson Blade", and there is so much to like in that song. The melody has a rousing, anthem-like quality. I very much like the two sung voices, and the presence of the synthesiser/organ in the background. I really marvel at the drumming (and the guitars too)! This would be an awesome song to see performed live!

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Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is an ancient Commodore Amiga that is hard at work. For over a quarter century it has been controlling the heat and air conditioning at 19 different schools and running nonstop. It's still kicking, for now anyway.

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Years ago, I wrote this article about the many reasons to cook food in the microwave.

"The most underrated kitchen appliance"

How nice it would if I could rapidly and efficaciously search for past toots

Something like
from:@profile contents:"stg" before:date after:date'

as you can do, more or less, with gmail

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The books also make you really question any assumptions about what it means to be human and how much can be forgiven.

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Meanwhile, I have finished the entire Broken Earth trilogy, twice, and even then I felt compelled to re-read parts of the first book again.
Every part of this trilogy is really very, very good.
Apart from the themes I mentioned, I also very much like how the history of the world is handled, through what the characters remember of what they have been taught, complemented with fragments of lore and stories. I like in particular that we gradually find out how much of that history is wrong.

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Reminds me of 's ""

if I remember correctly, Sal Paradiso and Carlo Marx were doing what I'd call "truth exercises"

Although I think they were not covering their eyes

At least, not with a cloth 😆

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