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Totally empty, no new musical ideas ^_^'

This evening, I'm having a rehearsal (I'll be singing Pink Floyd tracks)

And during the weekend, I hope to conclude the recording of the vocals for the new ' song!

Names are important. Names are like nice-looking packages that might or might not correspond to their labels.

I think we should all ask ourselves “Am I being sold the wrong package here? What actually lies inside of it?”

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The short story "Grave of the Fireflies" by Cheng Jingbo (from the Invisible Planets anthology) is really fabulous. The vision and poetry, the emotions and the scale, amazing how she managed to convey all that in such a limited space.

The title can be no coincidence but there is no strong connection with "Grave of the Fireflies" by Akiyuki Nosaka or the anime.

I got the picture from and it is "courtesy of the author"

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If you'd like to read a story by Xia Jia, here is "If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler", translated by Ken Liu. I remember reading Italo Calvino's novel of the same name long ago, and finding it very difficult, but I still liked it. This short story is much easier, I liked it very much and I am sure the idea of not leaving a trace on the web will appeal to many fedi people.

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I don't really understand, all people around me seem to be so very much pissed off that I was for Italy during the soccer match last week!

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The meaning of 邇芸 is apparently "gentle", so邇芸速 is gentle-swift

The "mi" part of Haku's full name is just guesswork. I didn't like the proposed ones in that particular discussion: 美 or 巳; but in another discussion, the suggestion was 水 (water) and that makes more sense to me, we get 邇芸速水 "gentle, swift water". With suggestions for kohaku as above, Haku's full name in kanji would be


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The "nigihayami" is even more speculative. The theory is that it would be derived from Nigihayahi no Mikoto, grandson of Amaterasu and the first God to descend to earth.
But depending on the source, that is written differently: the Kojiki writes 邇芸速日命, the Nihon Shoki 饒速日命. I opt for the Kojiki spelling.
So the "nigihaya" part is either 邇芸速 or 饒速.

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At the end of "Spirited Away", we learn that Haku's full name is Nigihayami Kohakunushi.
I came across a discussion about the possible kanji writing for this name.

Because the "kohaku" comes from the Kohaku River, of which he is the river god, the consensus seems to be that this is the Amber River, and so kohaku can be written as
琥珀. (It could also be 古白 "old white" or 小白 (small white") but I like amber better.)

And "nushi" is 主, "lord".

So "kohakunushi" is in kanji 琥珀主.

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I think this is a cracking song:
Elephant Kashimashi -- The end of sadness

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I am playing with the parser for a toy programming language inspired by Japanese grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Soon, I hope to be able to parse the following code, and maybe even run it:

  こ ノ シ も そ サ カ カ 加
  と コ ン し う ム ズ ズ え
  で カ サ カ で で 達 達 る
  す ズ ム ズ な す の と と
  。 達 は ・ い け 長 サ は
    と サ ノ 場 れ さ ム
    シ ム コ 合 ど が で
    ン に カ は 、 零
    サ カ ズ 、   に
    ム ズ 達     等
    を を は     し
    加 足 カ     い
    え し ズ     場
    る た 達     合
      ら だ     は
      、 っ

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Tunc etiam fātīs aperit Cassandra futūrīs

ōra deī iussū nōn umquam crēdita Teucrīs.

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C++ is really maddening sometimes. I put items in a vector and later check its size, and it's zero. Where did they go? No one knows. I checked under my laptop and they hadn't fallen out the bottom, so that's one possibility eliminated.

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