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Aria condizionata = togliere il caldo da casa propria e mandarlo a casa degli altri.

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@amaral I agree that the to is part of the infinitive in English.
But what I would like to know is if you perceive a function call as making the computer do something or describing an action or something else, and how that is reflected in the name of the function. From that perspective someone could name a function "draw" rather than "to draw" and still not consider it an imperative. The "to" would be implied, to save cluttering the code.

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Poll for people who program

In your favourite language, what do you consider a call to a functions/methods/procedures/subroutine to be, in grammatical terms?

Please elaborate, and thanks for boosting.

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Remember those parakeets in Dawsholm Park in I told you about in February?

Now that the trees are in full foliage, they are much harder to spot. Beautiful oak tree though.

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How about a little Fragment?

Kind of jazzy maybe?
It's actually the third piece of an album that I'm currently busy with. I think I will call it "Tensegrity".

(c) Eidon (
All rights reserved.

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🎶 "Oh-oh I'm a duckling
I'm a little duckling
I'm a duckling in New York" 🎵

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But in the end it is a sad reflection on what it means to be alive and how societal systems can determine our lives. And all of that in a story of 15 pages set in a single street.

Photo by Henry Söderlund - CC BY 4.0

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I've just read a very beautiful short story by Xia Jia, "A hundred ghosts parade tonight", from the anthology of Chinese science fiction "Invisible planets", translated by Ken Liu.

This story has for me echoes of the carnival march in Ghost in the Shell Innocence, and the theme park from Spirited Away, and I also see the Manpukuji temple in Obaku before me while reading it.
It's beautifully written with so many little details to evoke the seasons and bring the place to life.

I write music because I need to -- my music is never meant as a "product". It is the result of my necessity to "tell" something. I suppose this one is quintessential so. It is a music that reflects my state of mind, my uncertainties, my concerns.

It's called "みのれ".

Sort of a theme with variations, for piano.

It is available on :

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Imagine early men seeing this and thinking it was divinity

(The parhelion is a member of the family of halos caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. The prerequisite ice crystals occur with cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. It is the occurrence and placement of these clouds that determine the parhelion appearance.


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