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The Kannon is the narrator of the Heart Sutra. The android explains the Heart Sutra and answers questions from a virtual audience.

New Buddhist statues go through a consecration ceremony known as kaigenshiki (開眼式) which imparts Buddha-nature to them.

The Mindar android went through such a ceremony.

A skeptical observer from a rival sect was forced to concede that, since people in the audience were praying to it, Buddha-nature had clearly entered the android and the consecration had worked.

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高台寺 アンドロイド観音 マインダー ”Android Kannon Mindar in Kodaiji Temple"

Gino Bartali not only won the Tour de France twice, but also saved 800 Jewish lives during WW2 by smuggling counterfeit identity papers in his bike’s handlebars.

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And while we're talking about e2ee and privacy, I want to recommend my essays on e2ee at and on privacy on the fediverse at

If a key character of your anime is codename: Izanami, you are telling your audience too much about what is going to happen

Lamport is a genius, though certainly not because of LaTeX ^_^

LaTeX is a collection of idiosyncrasies

Forget to place \arraybslash command in the last column entries of a tabular environment? Good luck then finding out why LaTeX does not compile!

#Horsetail falls in #Yosemite Park when the setting sun illuminates it. This only happens mid to late February.

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