C++ is really maddening sometimes. I put items in a vector and later check its size, and it's zero. Where did they go? No one knows. I checked under my laptop and they hadn't fallen out the bottom, so that's one possibility eliminated.

@GustavinoBevilacqua @giarmini0

e scaldare ancora di piu la citta che potresti raffreddare piantando alberi ovunque

@Monta @giarmini0

Aria condizionata = togliere il caldo da casa propria e mandarlo a casa degli altri.

@amaral I agree that the to is part of the infinitive in English.
But what I would like to know is if you perceive a function call as making the computer do something or describing an action or something else, and how that is reflected in the name of the function. From that perspective someone could name a function "draw" rather than "to draw" and still not consider it an imperative. The "to" would be implied, to save cluttering the code.

Poll for people who program

In your favourite language, what do you consider a call to a functions/methods/procedures/subroutine to be, in grammatical terms?

Please elaborate, and thanks for boosting.


> Remember those parakeets

YESSSS!!! Great to seem them again ^_^
The left one seems to be in a sleepy mood, while the other one is quite the opposite, with her/his eyes wide open ^_^

Remember those parakeets in Dawsholm Park in I told you about in February?


Now that the trees are in full foliage, they are much harder to spot. Beautiful oak tree though.

@rick Thank you very much Rick! ^_^ It's actually a grand dream of mine, to have a piece of mine used as an OST! ^_^

How about a little Fragment?


Kind of jazzy maybe?
It's actually the third piece of an album that I'm currently busy with. I think I will call it "Tensegrity".

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