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Omg thank you very much Antonio! This is so fascinating... I hope one day to be able to perceive such wonders myself...

@wim_v12e @Eidon @honiden Japanese love these subtle changes on meanings and often play with such linguistic puns. See also poem 22 in the “Ogura hyakunin isshu”, where you find yamakaze 山風 “mountain wind” but if you look at the poem as it should be read, i.e. vertically, they would resemble the single kanji arashi 嵐, “storm”.

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Oh yes precisely my understanding after reading your remarks and Rafu's (mastodon.bida.im/@rafu/1044554). I think this is how ザワ received the special meaning of ザワッ. Thank you so much to all of you for your valuable explanations!

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Many thanks for your explanations Wim! Your remark is in line with another one from @rafu, here: mastodon.bida.im/@rafu/1044554 . Rafu notes that the "tsu" could also represent a sudden pause; the pause that you would have if a murmuring crowd would suddenly notice a new element -- in this case, the arrival of Chiyasa. I suppose that this is how "zawatsu" received its special meaning...

Hi Honiden! Yeah my understanding was very much like yours until I found this page: thejadednetwork.com/sfx/browse

There you have specific meanings for ザワ and ザワッ! Also the tag of the 2nd word is "zawat" (from zawatsu, maybe?)

No idea of the reason why. Perhaps by adding the ッ you make the string closer to another word, thus another concept. But I don't know Japanese, thus it is all quite difficult to me...

I'll write this in a post for the Forum at demoneceleste.forumfree.it/ !

It is as if the Author of the manga wanted to exemplify the linguistic ambiguity that characterizes the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu!

This picture is from Chihayafuru, Vol.3, Waka 14, which I'm currently translating (alas, from an English translation).

I'm totally impressed.

The SFX on top is ザワ and means "murmuring crowd".

The one below is ザワッ

Just a symbol more

And the meaning moves from "murmuring crowd" to "Lighting up when seeing someone".

What a magnificent elegance!

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