I always liked early Genesis songs that were structured into parts -- "Get 'em Out By Friday", as an example. This led me to have parts in our latest song: Narrator, the Government, and then the Chorus. The latter plays the same role as in ancient Greek Theatre: "a homogeneous, non-individualised group of performers, who comment with a collective voice on the dramatic action" (wiki).

It is truly a privilege to me to be part of , Guresuke-san's new Project --

and to have participated to the creation of his new song, Bygone Days!

Here it is!


I recently joined @guresuke in a metal project called MATHEMORPHOSIS


Our first song, "Long Winter", was written by Guresuke-san. His lyrics evoke in me the spirit of these days of social segregation -- the reign of Camus' Absurd. Song and lyrics are here:


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