After a long while, today I have created a new piece: Ain Soph Aur.

It's in three parts

1) Ain: piano solo

2) Soph: tenor sax, flute, percussions, and piano

3) Aur: piano solo.


It's a , meaning that it is a composition algorithmically generated from a theme.

It is the last piece of my album, "Tensegrity"


I hope you'll like it!

"Illyeen" is an original spelling for "عِلِّيِّين", which is a Quranic name for girls (see other spellings and more info at quranicnames.com/illiyeen/)

"Illyeen" is also my latest . If you like, you can download it from my :


Oh, yes, "Illyeen" is also an anagram of "Ley Line".

And "Ley Lines" is my latest album:

A little something I finished yesterday evening. I called it "Gigue".


I plan to create a video showing the partiture, and then I will write a post on my noblogo ^_^

“The deep mountains of karma” is one of the verses of the Iroha, perhaps the most perfect pangram ever composed: a text that uses each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once. My thanks go to my kind friend @wim_v12e who taught me about it.

More info on my , noblogo.org/eidon/the-deep-mou

"The deep mountains of karma" is also a Grundgestalt available on:

- .it

- .uno:

I read a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales, including “A Descent into the Maelström”, a short story in which “a man recounts how he survived a shipwreck and a whirlpool” (Wikipedia). As often was the case with Poe's work, the tale impressed me very much.

When I wrote this little Grundgestalt, the music told me of Poe's tale — it was only natural to give it the same title




I received this yesterday, inspired by Vol. 5 p. 73

So I learned I had to call it "On and On and On and On"

You can receive it too now

The whole story is growing up on :
funkwhale.it/library/playlists and : peertube.uno/my-account/video-

Grundgestalts are musical kanjis.

Chakravartin arrives -- victorious on his steed he passes through the City's Main Doorway, acclaimed by the people...
For all his power and glory, does he ever think of the other Way, the Way of the Lotus,
now lost to him forever?

Danny Shake is a Grundgestalt produced by seed 011112333 (both audio and video)

I dedicate this work to Luciano Secchi (the great "Max Bunker")



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"Princess-of-Swift-Autumn" is one of the children of Izanagi, His Augustness the Male-Who-Invites and Izanami, Her Augustness the Female-Who-Invites (see the Kojiki)

The track collects the states produced by simulating a number of games from packs of different size and structure.

Instruments are: double bass, Rickenbacker bass, ethnic percussion, Blanchet harpsichord, congas, nylon guitar, and wind.


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